Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Possible NFL Head Coaching Moves

Up here in the Northlands, we have a Head Coach on the hot seat.  The Vikings and Brad Childress look like they will be separated after the season and maybe even before that.  That got me to thinking about which other coaches could eb on teir way out of their current jobs after the season.  So I give you my list of coaches that I believe will be losing their head coaching jobs after the season.

1.  Brad Childress.  The natives are restless and want his scalp.  The seeds of this situation were planted last year during the Vikings 12-4 run.  The Childress/Farve dustups are what caused many of these problems this year.  When Farve basically told Childress that he was doing what he wanted and Childress didn't get the support of Team Management, the entire locker room swung away from the coach.  Just my opinion.  But he will be gone and look for the Vikings to start a major rebuilding project with a new Head Coach, a new quarterback, and about 6-8 veteran starters going to other teams.

2.  Marvin Lewis.  Last year of the contract.  Carson Palmer is regressing in his play.  You have TO and Ochocinco running their flaps nonstop. And Mike Brown hasn't provided the talent to keep the Bengals competitive.  The Bengals need a "strict" head coach, not a "players" coach like Lewis to keep the inmates from overrunning the guards at the asylum.  And with Lewis being a defensive guru, his Bengals defense hasn't looked good.

3.  John Fox.  He is also in the last year of his contract.  The Panthers have the lowest payroll in the league and ownership is still intent on cutting even more expenses.  Fox is a good coach when he gets some talent and that isn't going to happen in Carolina for a couple of years.  Panthers fans know that the ownership is nickeling and diming many things, but their thirst for change might be quenched by having John Fox leaving the head coaching position.

4.  Mike Singletary.  What can you say about this one.  The 1st head coaching stop for Samurai Mike has gone completely wrong.  I like his motivation and organizational skills, but if your head coach is weak on the actual X's and O's, your team isn't going anywhere.  Time management has been a disaster, and feuding with members of your team is not going to let you keep your job for long.  And the fact that the hype for the 49ers was big and starting 0-5 in a season where many people thought that you had an outside shot of making the Conference Championship game makes you a coach that won't be around in 2011.

5.  Gary Kubiak.  The Texans have under performed this year.  More specifically, the defense.  When you have all the draft picks and money that the Texans have tied up in that defense and it looks like a MAC team playing against the pass, there must be changes.  Add the fact that the Texans haven't made the playoffs in their existence and you have a couple of bad bullet points going against your head coach.  They beat Indy in Week 1 and everybody jumped on the bandwagon.  That will aslo play into the fact that I don't see Gary Kubiak in Houston next year.

6.  Jack Del Rio.  I said last year that Jack should have taken the USC job if it was offered to him.  And to Mr. Del Rio's credit, he has the Jags playing hard.  However, his seat was hot according to various NFL "insiders" last year.  Missing the playoffs this year will cause it to become scorching hot.  The ownership isn't happy about the lack of fans paying to see the Jaguars and are skimping on a couple of things.  Look for ownership to fire Del Rio to tell their fan base that we are changing and trying to win.  Whetehr or not that is true, is another story.

Those 6 are the coaches I feel will be released after this year.  The next 5 are if the teams go South before the season ends.

Eric Mangini - Browns.  I don't think that 5 wins saves his job.  7 might.

Josh McDaniels - Broncos.  Look at his record after the phenomenal start last year.  Pat Bowlen might make a move.

Norv Turner - Chargers.  The Chargers are a perennial playoff team and then choke in the playoffs.  Time to get a coach that knows what it takes.

Lovie Smith - Bears.  If the Bears don't make the playoffs, Lovie is out.  If the Bears lose in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, I still think Lovie is out.

Mike Shanahan - Redskins.  1st year in Washington and has alienated lots of his players according to reports.  I would be surprised if he does get fired, but with Dan Snyder being the owner, stranger things have happened.

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R.J. said...

I agree with all of these moves. I think all but a few are goners by February.