Saturday, November 06, 2010

Week 9 Predictions

San Diego at Houston (+2.5):  I'll take the Texans and the points.  Still not sold on the Chargers this year, and Gates has a real bad ankle.

Miami (+5) at Baltimore:  Baltimore should win this, but the Phins get 5 points from a Ravens team that usually has problems putting up points?

New Orleans (-7.5) at Carolina:  Does Brees have leg and foot problems?  Does it matter in this game?

NY Jets (-4.5) at Detroit:  I love what the Lions are doing, but I'll take the Jets this game.  Rex should have his boys pumped up for this one.

Arizona (+9) at Minnesota:  Talent wise there is no argument here.  However, the Vikings aren't playing up to their talent level.  And the rumors swirling around Brad Childress makes me wonder if there are some players that might accidentally miss an assignment here or there.

Tampa Bay (+10) at Atlanta:  Yes, the Turner, White, and Ryan trio are very good.  But look at the Blount, Williams, Johnson trio in Tampa.  They are almost comparable and the Bucs defense is very opportunistic.

Chicago at Buffalo (+2.5):  Look for an outright Buffalo win here.  Their defense can stop the Bears.  And they have played better than the Bears over the past 3 weeks.

New England (-4) at Cleveland:  I just don't think that Belichick will let his team let up against the Browns.

NY Giants (-8) at Seattle:  Hasselbeck is out for Seattle.  Watch that Giants pass rush start teeing off.

Indianapolis at Philadelphia (-1.5):  11-0.  That is the record for the Eagles coming off a Bye under Andy Reid.  Cannot go against that kind of record.

Kansas City (E) at Oakland:  Tom Cable and his insistence to play Gradkowski baffles me.  I think that Crennel and Weis can come up with a gameplan that will allow the Chiefs to win.

Dallas at Green Bay (-9.5):  This game is hard to pick.  If the Cowboys play hard, they will cover.  If they quit like last week, then the Packers might roll them by 21.

Pittsburgh (-5) at Cincinnati:  Carson Palmer looks confused and scared out there.  Playing the Steelers defense won't help.

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R.J. said...

You still have time to change your Oakland pick. Jason Campbell's starting on Sunday.