Friday, November 05, 2010

A little AHL love

Buffetfan and I had a challenge regarding a two-game series between my Portland Pirates and his Norfolk Admirals, which was probably unfair to him since he's very new to this blogging thing and neither of us were in a position to follow the games.  I was able to listen to the first period of the first game on the internet and I did see updates on my Facebook wall for both games.  Based on what I did hear and see, they were very competitive, high-scoring games, both won by the Portland Pirates in OT, the first in a shootout.
If you're a hockey fan and have the luxury of having a minor league team in your area, go out and support that team.  The level of play is quite high, especially in the AHL, but even in a league like the QMJHL, which I'm fortunate to have a team in that league 45 minutes away that I don't support enough.  In fact, the Maineacs are home tonight...thanks for the idea!
Again, these leagues play at a high level, the ticket prices are family priced and the atmosphere is great for any sports fan.
So Buff, even though my team took both games and on the road at that, in the old days both games would have been ties.  So you're off the hook this time.  You won't be so lucky next weekend when my Pats bury your overrated Steelers.   Maybe next time we'll be able to watch these teams play each other together in person, like we did when I visited and we went to a Norfolk Tides game together.

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