Monday, November 01, 2010

Who has the best record?

That's who.  Still can't believe our everyday logo is that sissified thing on a silver background.  The above is THE Patriot helmet logo as far as I'm concerned.  It was great to see them wear it this weekend.  Are they the best team in the league?  Probably not.  They have flaws and they're young but    6-1 is 6-1, the best record in the league.
Speaking of the Patriots, Jim, we're coming your way in two weeks.  Consider yourself challenged.
The Vikings released Randy Moss today, the day after his old team put a beating on his new old team.
Hey G, I'd love to hear your take on Shanahan benching McNabb yesterday or that your Skins got wooped yesterday.
Rick, thanks for the fact your Pack beat the Jets this weekend.
Rest in peace Maurice Lucas
Oh yeah, I don't know who won our Talladega challenge.  I just know my guy was on his roof at the end.
UPDATE:  I've now seen much more of the Moss press conference.  My oh my, he did everything but kneel and blow every member (pun intended) of the Patriots.  I've never seen a player who was just beaten by the other team act that way.  Shameful.


R.J. said...

I might have to make an argument for my team soon. Two weeks in a row we've rolled for over 500 yards of total offense and the defense has given up two touchdowns in that same amount of time.

You'll hear more from the Raiders as the season goes on. We're for real and the Chiefs are going to get thumped next Sunday.

Zebster said...

Update is now on this post.
And have you seen the Shaq as Beyonce video? Bwaahaahaa

R.J. said...

No. I've been busy writing my novel all day. I'll have to check it out later this evening.

tpubgu said...

Pack fans say "You're welcome", whew, if there's ever a game where a win's a win, that was one of them.

I liked the Pats this weekend. I liked the throw-backs a lot better than what they wear now, a forgettable modern design. Maybe they'll get smart and ditch it like the Jets and Chargers have done. Then we can work on Tampa Bay returning to their Dreamcicle orange.

Yeah, I saw that Maurice Lucas passed away. He played college ball at Marquette for Al McGuire and played in the NCAA championship game in 1974. RIP, Luke.

Brent said...

Hey Zeb,

Now you can have Moss as well as the Vikings 3rd Round pick. Holy crackers. Things are getting real weird around here in Vikings Country.