Friday, April 20, 2012

100 Years Young

UPDATE:  What you'll find below is a post I wrote nearly a week ago that I never got around to publishing.  It does seem fitting that I'm publishing it today, on the official 100th Birthday of Fenway Park.   The Sox are playing the Yankees, fittingly, in an afternoon game at the old park.

ORIGINAL POST:  If you didn't know, this is the 100th anniversary for Fenway Park and the Red Sox are obviously celebrating all season long.  Part of the celebration was selling bricks last season that were used during a renovation this off season.  My family bought one and I'm looking forward to seeing it when I get down there in June.  My uncle is at today's game and he's going to find ours and tell us where it's located.

A very nice first-pitch celebration today had a gentleman, Bill Hogan, Jr, throw out the first pitch.  Mr. Hogan was born on April 14, 1912, six days before Fenway opened.  You'll love this little clip.

He looks pretty spry to me.  I'm thinking he could pitch an inning of relief easily.

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dasnake said...

the t.v. is warming up, the beers cold, go YANKEES.