Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey G, you wanna piece of me?

The title of this blog comes from the fact that I've sent a message to DCHomer asking him if he wants to do a blog challenge related to the upcoming playoff series between his Washington Capitals and my Boston Bruins AND the fact that I have a #32 Bruins sweater and that sweater, worn by Don Sweeney, plays prominently in the following video from 1998.  DCHomer has yet to reply to my challenge, probably because he knows what's coming.  Watch the video and enjoy, hockey fans.

When it comes to NHL line fights, this one has it all, from take-downs to cheap shots and right crosses to goalie fights and everything in between.  The only way this video could be more fitting for my purpose is if Rod Langway were involved too, since I know G has a #5 Langway sweater; but if I'm not mistaken, the other Caps sweater he has is a Dale Hunter.  I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong.
Let the playoffs begin!


dasnake said...

zeb, i know you were making a query about something totally different, and i know i am not a hockey fan but i dunno where this "cup" stuff is going, and after last year, i don't care, i tried following the canucks when they picked up rypien, this kid was a problem waiting to happen, imho he gave the game his all and the canucks stood beside him when he needed it. and they needed him. when he could'nt play and then wasn't available for the stanley cup you sort of knew the writing was there. i was impressed the way the team stayed with rick, and when the trade came you sort of knew it had to be made, but i've watched and commented on a lot of sports and as much as i whine, i have followed a little hockey. rick gave me a young man with a problem who showed you don't have to big, to be an "enforcer". when the problems he had made it clear he wasn't going to make the trip to the finals i pulled for the team and i really pulled for rick. after the season ended and after his trade i was hoping for a new day for a young man who seemed to have a handle on his problem, when mother and i got home from a ball game last summer and the late news said he had passed away i had to yell at mother if i heard right, and i had, to bad and my heart went out to his family. i gave the canucks big points for their handling of rick's problem and the way they stood behind him, but after the riot, after the way they let other teams manhandle them i went back to my dale tallon days, this team is handled, plays, maintains itself like jackasses. i've lived on the lower mainland for 65 years, i followed the b.c. lions of whom i wrote a piece last year about our grey cup, they are winners, our triple a baseball team was a winner, our single a baseball team is a viable team, but the vancouver canucks to me will never achieve anything more than a whatever team, and the fans are nothing but bandwagon people, this town does not deserve a cup winner, this town would not appreciate a cup winner. sorry i took so long, and zeb, if you want to remove this please do, i had something on my chest and this town is doing it again, bandwagon fever, but wait til the first loss, dump lou, yeh, great fanbase, chicago fans made the vancouver fans look like the loser city it is when it comes to hockey.

Zebster said...

don't sweat it, Jake, you say whatever you want, even if it isn't relevant to the intent of the post. And if you ever feel like you want to turn that rant into a separate post, by all means.

tpubgu said...

I'm surprised Geo hasn't responded. He's a sucker for a homer bet.

DC Homer said...

Oh Zeb, Zeb, Zeb! (Can a person say "Zeb" six times in a row and keep a straight face? I think not!)

I accept your challenge, and I'm not saying this just because we got one from you yesterday. When you posted your challenge, I was TDY in "non-hockey" town Atlanta and I couldn't respond (can you believe they tried NHL hockey there three times--and thrice it failed?).

The bet is on! Bragging rights and fried crow! When I see you in June (Nats vs. Sox), I'm wearing one of my Caps jerseys.

It's not a "Hunter" jersey I own, but the notorious No. 17--CHRIS SIMON, the Goon of Goons! The "Secretary of Defense," No. 5 Rod Langway, was too classy to be called a goon.

For your viewing pleasure, it's not Simon vs. the Bruins, per se, but Simon vs. Chara, so that's close!