Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 5 Things That I Am Following This Weekend

1.  The NHL Playoffs.  The Canucks have lost the first 2 games vs. LA.  The Penguins defense sort of looks like they have adapted the Blue Jackets way of doing things.  And we have had lots of sudden death overtime games.  I don't think that my pick of Ottawa upsetting the Rangers in Round 1 is going to come through though.

2.  NASCAR in Texas and the Trucks in Rockingham.  On Friday, Danica Patrick finished in the Top 10 for her Nationwide team.  That is good for the sport, their sponsors, and the popular driver.  Martin Truex has qualified on the pole for the Sprint Cup race on Saturday night.  And on Sunday, the Trucks race at Rockingham.  I believe that NASCAR going back to the tracks that they abandoned in the 90's and 00's is a good thing.  I still would love to see the Sprint Cup cars go back to those places instead of having two races at one track.

3.  Baseball.  The Red Sox new skipper Bobby Valentine is already feuding with the scribes there.  The Dodgers sale has been approved by the Judicial system.  The Roger Clemens trial is coming closer and evidence is being challenged.  And if anybody out there actually thinks that if Johnny Damon is a Hall-Of-Fame player because he made it to 3,000 hits, I want you explain that to me.

4.  The news broke that Tom Benson, the owner of the Saints is buying the New Orleans Hornets for over $300 Million.  The Sacramento Kings and the city of Sacramento are no longer building a new arena in Sacramento together because the Maloof Brothers are becoming the Marx Brothers of the NBA, and finally, the New Jersey Nets will have to become something else because the NBA has approved of them moving to Brooklyn, NY.  I hope they make a clean break and call themselves something besides the Nets.  I volunteer the name New York Hoodlums.  After all, their owner is threatening to take out Mark Cuban in a violent way if Cuban signs Deron Williams in Free Agency next year.  Name the team after the owner.  I like it.  That is some major NBA news over the past couple of days that doesn't involve anything on the court.

5.  And finally, and probably least important, the Lingerie Football League is on hiatus.  All the teams in the United States have suspended operations until 2013.  There will be a 4 team league in Canada and a couple of games in Australia.  I have a feeling that the LFL is going to meet the same fate as the UFL.  And that fate is the closing of the league and dispersant of the semi-pro football that the league played.  I know that those red-blooded men in America will have to find other entertainment on Friday Nights and that MTV2 will take a beating in the ratings for that time slot.


Zebster said...

I couldn't agree more regarding Nascar going back to the Rock. Hope they stay so I can roadtrip it...never been. I have a busy weekend outside of sports, leading up to a business trip this coming week but I'll try to catch some of the Bruin game today and the FA Cup match involving Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

The Rock is one of those unique tracks that NASCAR never should have left. I'm glad the Trucks will be there this weekend.

The Maloofs are a huge disappointment. Back in the day they were not only respectable owners but very well liked. Now that they've lost their casino businesses all they're trying to do is maximize their franchise's value before selling it, which is why they wanted to move to Anaheim in the first place.

dasnake said...

you should hear the crying and the kiyiiing going on here, oh wait, you probably can.
lou is a bum, daniel would have won the games for them,the fans are leaving the wagon already, loserville is doing it again.