Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Things That I Am Watching This Weekend

1.  The NHL Playoffs.  It is getting down to the wire for the 1st round series.  The Canucks and Penguins are hanging on by a thread.  The Rangers and Bruins are having a tougher time than expected and the Red Wings look like they are ready to be eliminated.  And have you noticed that since the Torres hit on Hossa that the extracurricular activity has been frowned upon by the NHL.

2.  The end of the NBA season.  The NBA season after the abbreviated 66 game schedule is entering the playoffs.  It looks like Spurs, Thunder, and Lakers out West, while it's Celtics, Bulls, and Heat in the East.  I give Kevin durant my MVP vote and pick anybody but the Heat for the NBA title.  Also it will be the last stand of Stan Van Gundy in Orlando.

3.  Movement on the Minnesota Vikings Stadium in the Legislature.  When the NFL has their VP of Stadium Development go on KFAN radio and say that the Vikings have done everything that is necessary to satisfy the league rules on obtaining a new stadium.  Translation:  The NFL will not oppose the Vikings moving from Minnesota.  Commissioner Goodell and Art Rooney II (I think the 2nd) met with the Governor of Minnesota today and are requesting a floor vote in the Minnesota Legislature.  The Vikings have been asking for a new stadium for over a decade and even the most patient owner that I have seen, Ziggy Wilf, has run out of patience.

4.  The anguish of Red Sox fans.  After a decade of being on top of baseball, the Red Sox have stumbled out of the gate.  It is the first season after Theo and Tito are gone and Bobby Valentine has been ruffling feathers.  Listening to Red Sox Beat Writers on sports shows is making me worry.  They are saying that there are deep fault lines between certain players that had Tito's back and the Pitchers that supposedly got him fired.  They are also saying that the communication between Valentine and the players isn't real good.  If that is the case, it will be a long year for Red Sox fans.  The Sox have lost 3 out of 4 series and were swept in the series against the Tigers and Rangers which doesn't bode well.  Any team that wants to go to the World Series from the AL will probably have to go through one if not both teams to get there.

5.  UFC 145.  I am actually excited for the Rashard Evans vs. Jon Jones fight.  The are former close friends and sparring partners.  I expect brutality and possibly some more bad blood towards each other after this bout.


Zebster said...

I will be paying attention to most of those things as well, except UFC. I don't care if the players don't like Valentine...I and most other fans are really beginning to not like the players. This will be an ugly year. And my Bruins need to win the next 2 against the Caps.

dasnake said...

have you got some input in this thing with bobby, i've always liked him, i know he is abrasive but he knows the game, what is with the dislike of the players? todays game ain't over yet but the going is ugly, nice look yesterday, teen uniforms, looked great, what was with bobby and youk? did you all see the final pitch in seattle, i don't think ryan broke his stroke, but i think the ump gave umber a very bad pitch, nice to see number 21, hard to believe 130 plus years only 21 perfect games.

Brent said...

I think that Valentine might be a good manager, but he is so cocksure of himself and what he thinks that he comes off as an arrogant ass.

Ryan didn't break his stroke, but I believe that he should have been punched out earlier.

And as for the Bruins, Thomas isn't standing on his head like last year. He has let a few softies in. That is the difference between rolling to a Stanley Cup and getting beat by an inferior team in Round 1.