Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Best Of A Bad Lot (I Think)

Well, the Blog challenge for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is over.  It appears that I have bragging rights for winning the challenge.  I know that I am not going to brag because it was just luck for me to win.  The fact that I won by a measly 10 points means that a game that I picked in the 1st Round was the difference between me winning and losing the challenge. 

The person that was the most impressive in our group was Shelly.  She isn't a sports fan and came in 2nd place.  She picked the winner of the Tournament and beat the other bloggers here.  It was just bad luck for her not to have a couple of second round games go her way.  Vanderbilt/Wisconsin or New Mexico/Louisville should have been victories for her, but the fates decided otherwise.  But she shouldn't feel bad.  At least she finished in the top half of everybody that submitted brackets.

There are people that are sports fans that didn't get to that threshold.  Zebster finished 5th at the 16.3 Percentile.  A definite F.  Tpubgu finished in 4th.  He checked in at 32.7.  A big step up from Zebster, but still not good enough to challenge for the win.  BuffetFan2 came in 6th with the percentile at 14.0.

One last note:  I gave up on this challenge after the Round of 64.  One of my Final 4 teams lost in the 1st Round to Purdue.  Stinking Purdue.  2 others lost in the Sweet 16.  Cincinnati and Michigan State fell at that time.  All that I had at that time to pull me through was Kentucky.  And they did.  Not bad for a country hick in North Dakota, beating all of those worldly people in our group.  Hee Hee!   


tpubgu said...

A win's a win, Brent. Bask in the joy you are the worst when it comes to the Know-Nothings. (Two negatives makes a positive -- I think I said that right.)

Zebster said...

Wow, did I justifiably get thrown under the bus! LOL My biggest problem was all the upsets I picked in the first round that didn't happen or more likely the fact that I don't know anything. Go Shelly and congrats Brent.

Shel said...

I'm glad I didn't win because the only topics I would have information to blog about would have been either the food sold at the winning game or the shoes worn by the girl friends of the winning team. Hahaha! Great job, Brent!

Brent said...

Either of those things Shel would have been an interesting blog. That and you too could have chided Zeb for his mastery of picking basketball games.