Monday, April 30, 2012

Fenway 1912

I know I'm not the only one who loves the history of baseball at least as much as the game itself.  So for you others out there like me, you'll appreciate this five-minute piece on the 1912 Red Sox and the first season at Fenway.
Because this video clip runs automatically when the page loads, which includes while you're on the front page of the blog, and because the clip is a little messed up, to see it go "below the fold."

I actually hadn't heard (or at least don't remember) the part about the adding of the seats along 3rd base and in right field for the 1912 World Series, which became the permanent shape of the field. Cool stuff. G, you're gonna love this place, even if it is old and small.


dasnake said...

i love the green monster story, if ya don't pay ya can't watch. the place is just a treat, it was so sad when they moved out of yankee stadium, but after the mid 70's reno it wasn't the same. on another note, the " the iron horse" ended his streak this day oh so many years ago.

Brent said...

That is one ballpark that I want to visit and watch a ballgame in. Maybe 2014 when I am out of school, my son and I will come see a Red Sox/Astros game.