Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rockin' the Red

My schizophrenic Bruins, the defending Stanley Cup champs (oh yeah!), were eliminated from this year's playoffs by the usually underachieving Washington Capitals.  So a bet is a bet and a deal is a deal.  In honor of my friend's team moving on (you shoulda bet scotch, G), let's all join in in a round of "Let's go Caps."

C - A - P - S!!! CAPS, CAPS, CAPS!
LET'S GO CA-PI-TALS! (clap...clap...clap-clap-clap!)

G, if you'd like to double down and it will be scotch on the line this time, I'll bet your Caps don't move beyond the next round.  They played well but I think they played as well as they can and will succumb to a team that can actually score.  But good luck in the next round nonetheless.
How are we going to bet our upcoming Nats/Sox series, which I'm very much looking forward to seeing a game with you?  
Here's a link to a Stanley Cup championship parade post, which you won't get the privilege to write.

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DC Homer said...

Zeb, Zeb, Zeb! My Baaastin Bears friend. You can officially put last years Stanley Cup on the shelf where it belongs. And you know I'm taking you up on that bet--scotch (bring it with you to Baaastin. Whether it the New Jerk Mangers, the Filthadelphia Pliers, or the New Jerksey Shovels, we'll be drinking scotch!!