Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horrible Hockey Halloween Costume Ideas: P.K. Subban

IMG_4932When I saw the opening segment for Scotiabank Hockey Tonight on NHL Network this evening I was shocked to see this image on my television set as a startled Ron McLean told viewers the Montreal Canadiens were hosting the Florida Panthers at the Bell Centre.

It’s not shocking that a white Habs fan holding an overpriced cup of beer “honored” defenseman P.K. Subban, who is black. It’s that a couple of Habs fans were given sh*t on both sides of the border for doing it last season, and yet someone in Montreal rolled out of the rack this morning and still thought it was a brilliant idea to don black face for Halloween.

Stay classy, Habs fans.


Anton Mesrobian said...

How was this allowed to happen again? Amazing that someone allowed this guy into the Bell Centre and that the cameraman put him on TV. Is this really 2010?

Zebster said...

It's ridiculous and small minded and insenstivie.
Anton, I don't know the Constitutional laws of Canada. In the U.S. you couldn't keep that knucklehead out because it would be a free speech issue, though it should also be a free speech right to take him out back and work him over (or let P.K. work him into the boards a few times). Welcome to our humble blog.