Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Best News Coming Out Of Sports In A While

It is nice that he has finally started on the road to recovery.

San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, severely beaten on baseball's opening day and in a coma since, had a major surgery one week ago. This week he's speaking to his family and asking to see his kids.
Progress is still slow going, according to the Stow family's blog, but, when showed a picture of his children Tyler and Tabitha, Stow said, "I would like to see them." 

Stow underwent surgery to install a shunt as well as a speaking valve. He has been able to move his left arm since that surgery, as well. When asked, he also recited his birth date. 

"We are blown away with all of this," the family's blog reads. "Literally, one day we got some facial responses and the next, he's talking. His voice is gravelly and you have to be close to hear him, but he is talking." 

Doctors continue to monitor blood clots that could migrate into Stow's lungs.

Stow, a paramedic from Santa Cruz, suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was attacked March 31 following the Dodgers' home opener against the Giants in Los Angeles. 

And according to the story, the medical bill for saving his life is probably going to reach $50 Million.  That is insanity.  I hope the Dodgers have to pay the entire bill and then pay the exact same amount to Mr. Stow and his family.  My hope is that Mr. Stow is able to go home and enjoy his wife and kids for many years to come without too much trouble from the injuries that he sustained.


Anonymous said...

$50 million? This demonstrates why it costs more money in the end when you sacrifice public safety to cut costs.

Zebster said...

Good news, Brent, thanks. It shows though just how unmercilessly that man was beaten. People suck in large part.

Brent said...

You can start to see the cutting of safety in everyday life in regards to the government. Businesses are just taking their cue from them.