Sunday, September 25, 2011

College Football Predicitions Results - Week 4

Man, if I were in Vegas right now, I would be racking up money.  Of course, since this is just for fun, if I were betting it would be for M&Ms.  How about the Mean Green beating an overhyped Hoosiers team 24-21.

1) #7 Oklahoma State (+3) at #8 Texas A&M - Win.  Oklahoma State 30, Texas A&M 29.  The Cowboys came back from a 20-3 deficit at half to pull this one out.  A close call but still a victory.

2) #2 LSU (-6) at #16 West Virginia - Win.  LSU 47, West Virginia 21.  I look at LSU as the #1 team in college football at this point.  Of course that could change with games against Auburn and Alabama coming up.

3) #11 Florida State at #21 Clemson (+3) -  Win.  Florida State 30, Clemson 35.  This game wasn't that close.  Clemson should have won by at least 14, but mistakes by the Tigers made in this game don't extrapolate great things for the future.

4) #14 Arkansas at #3 Alabama (-14) -  Win.  Arkansas 14, Alabama 38.  All the blustering by Arkansas did nothing on the field.  Alabama is the better team and proved it on the field.

5) #10 Oregon (-11.5) at Arizona -  Win.  Oregon 56, Arizona 31.  I called for a 50 point game for Oregon.  I understand what the Ducks are doing.  This isn't just for fun, this is to impress the voters and trying to get the perception of that loss to LSU was a bad game.

6) Missouri at #1 Oklahoma (-20.5) - Loss.  Missouri 28, Oklahoma 38.  I don't understand what it is with trouble against Missouri for Oklahoma.  Chalk it up to lack of emotion or overlooking Missouri, but for some reason Oklahoma and Missouri play close games.

7) Notre Dame (-5.5) at Pittsburgh - Loss.  Notre Dame 15, Pittsburgh 12.  Ugh.  Lost on Notre Dame for the 3rd time this season.  They finally woke up on offense in the 4th Quarter.  You can see that the Fighting Irish were the better athletes.  Pittsburgh might have been the better team on Saturday.

8) North Carolina at #25 Georgia Tech (-5) - Win.  North Carolina 28, Georgia Tech 35.  The Rambling wreck offense from Georgia Tech was rolling.  Luckily, the defense could stop North Carolina once in a while.

9) #23 USC at Arizona State (-3) - Win.  USC 22, Arizona State 43.  The Sun Devils have a shot to win the PAC-12 South.  It will come down to them and Utah.  And comparing the outcomes of both teams playing USC, I give Arizona State an edge.

10) #9 Nebraska (-23.5) at Wyoming - Win.  Nebraska 38, Wyoming 14.  Covering the point spread by .5 is just like covering it by 30.  It is still a victory.  I am waiting for the Nebraska-Wisconsin tilt coming up.

The Additional Two

11) San Diego State at #22 Michigan (-7.5) - Win.  San Diego State 7, Michigan 28.  Brady Hoke built a winner in San Diego State, but has more talent with the Wolverines.  Watch for a resurgence from the Wolverines in the coming years.

12) Georgia (-10.5) at Mississippi - Win.  Georgia 27, Mississippi 13.  Even Mark Richt has won the 2nd game of the season for the Bulldogs, it won't lessen the heat on his seat.  And can you imagine the natives being impressed with Houston Nutt and another loss to a middle of the raod SEC team?

My Own Upset Special:

North Dakota State over Minnesota - Predicted Score:  NDSU 31, Minnesota 20 Actual Score:  NDSU 37, Minnesota 24.  The Gophers have had enough of the Dakota FCS schools for a while.  The next game against a Dakota school is 2015 with South Dakota State.  Minnesota ended their recent playing of the Dakota schools 2-3.  North Dakota State has decided to step up in competition of the Big 10.  They have signed a contract with Iowa for the 2016 season to play a football game at Kinnick Stadium.  I will be at that game.  As for Minnesota, maybe playing more of the New Mexico States of the world might help their record.

Week 4 Results:  11-2 Record.  3-0 Picking Underdogs.  8-2 Picking Favorites.  2-0 Road Underdog.  1-0 Home Underdog.  4-1 Road Favorites.  4-1 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  35-13-1 Record.  72.5 Win Percentage.  10-3 Picking Underdogs. 25-10-1 Picking Favorites. 7-2 Road Underdog.  3-1 Home Underdog.  9-6 Road Favorites.  16-4-1 Home Favorites.

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