Sunday, September 11, 2011

College Football Picks Week 2 - Results

I want to claim two more wins this week, but monumental collapses in two games this week left me with a loss and a push.  And never ever bet on Kirk Ferentz's teams when it comes to Iowa state or Ohio State.  Lots of close games that could have gone either way and I am starting to think you have to put a stake in the heart of Auburn for them to lose a close game. 

1.  #3 Alabama (-10) at #23 Penn State - Win.  Alabama 27, Penn State 11.  I am one of the last ones to admit this, but the SEC is better than the Big 10 at the top of the conference.

2.  Notre Dame (-3) at Michigan - Loss.  Notre Dame 31, Michigan 35.  I said that it could have went either way, but I was wrong.  Notre Dame was the better team.  They just did a colossal choke job. 

3.  #12 South Carolina at Georgia (+2.5) - Loss.  South Carolina 45, Georgia 42.  This SEC game probably was the final nail in Mark Richt's coffin at Georgia.  The boosters have wanted his scalp for about 6 months.  If the donations start to dry, look for a new Bulldogs coach next year.  The Bulldogs outplayed the Gamecocks, but 3 defensive and 1 special teams touchdowns for South Carolina all but doomed Georgia this game.

4.  Arizona at #9 Oklahoma State (-14) - Win.  Arizona 14, Oklahoma State 37.  The Cowboys are playing like a Top 10 team.  I cannot wait for the competition to stiffen up to see exactly how good they are.  Arizona is rebuilding.

5.  #16 Mississippi State at Auburn (+6) - Win.  Mississippi State 34, Auburn 41.  Auburn has won by the skin of their teeth the first two games of the season.  Good teams win close games.  As for Mississippi State, they need to bounce back and improve their defensive play if they are going to be any factor in the SEC West race, because LSU is next.

6.  Oregon State at #8 Wisconsin (-17) - Win.  Oregon State 0, Wisconsin 35.  Apparently, I wasn't missing something.  Oregon State is a bad team at the current time.  Mike Riley is a good coach, but if the quarterback doesn't produce, you will not look good.  That is the case here.

7.  BYU (+7) at #24 Texas - Win.  BYU 16, Texas 17.  One of two things is true:  Either BYU is underrated or Texas is overrated.  I believe in the latter.  Lucky that Mack Brown decided to go with the reserves or the Longhorns would have went down to defeat.

8.  #21 Missouri at Arizona State (-7) - Push.  Missouri 30, Arizona State 37 (OT).  The Sun devils overcame 12 penalties for 110 yards, a missed field goal, and a blocked PAT to win this game.  And the Missouri coach iced his own kicker at the end of regulation calling two Timeouts in a row.  The Sun Devils also overcame the fashion faux pas with their all Black uniforms.   

9.  Nevada at #13 Oregon (-22.5) - Win.  Nevada 20, Oregon 69.  This game provides proof that size and speed will beat a quicker team.  After all, how do you explain Oregon destroying Nevada, but getting crushed by LSU?  Oregon will be a threat out in the PAC-12, but not a serious contender for the National Championship.

10.  Cincinnati (+7.5) at Tennessee - Loss.  Cincinnati 24, Tennessee 45.  Turnovers and the lack of finishing drives plagued the Bearcats this game.  I did underrate the Volunteers offense that looked masterful in carving up the Cincinnati defense.

Extra Games:

11.  Utah (+10.5) at USC - Win.  Utah 14, USC 23.  The money in Vegas late pushed the line closer, and those people are complaining about the corrected score.  Instead of a 14-17 score, it became 14-23 with the people betting on Utah losing.  Utah will finish middle of the pack in the PAC-12 South, but the future looks bright.  For USC, these games are all they have.  No postseason for them because of Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll.  At least it does take pressure off of Lane Kiffin.  Monte Kiffin is still a brilliant defensive mind.

12.  Iowa (-5.5) at Iowa State - Loss.  Iowa 41, Iowa State 44.  I should have went with the pattern of Kirk Ferentz and his games with Iowa State.  Win close at home and lose on the road.  Iowa is better than the Cyclones but under Ferentz, they haven't shown it.

Week 2 Results:  7-4-1 Record.  3-2 Picking Underdogs.  4-2-1 Picking Favorites.  2-1 Road Underdog.  1-1 Home Underdog.  1-2 Road Favorites.  3-0-1 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  14-9-1 Record.  60.4 Win Percentage.  5-2 Picking Underdogs. 9-7-1 Picking Favorites. 3-1 Road Underdog.  2-1 Home Underdog.  2-5 Road Favorites.  7-2-1 Home Favorites.

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