Sunday, September 18, 2011

College Footballl Predictions Results - Week 3

Well, I tried for two losses or less.  I achieved that goal.  And my win percentage went up by 8%.  Now the next goal to achieve is to have a 75% winning percentage.  Hopefully, I won't have to pick a team that is favored by at least 40 points for the rest of the season.

1) #1 Oklahoma (-3) at #5 Florida State - Win.  Oklahoma 23, Florida State 13.  A win is a win, especially when the entire state of Florida is waiting for the Noles to knock you off.  Jumbo Fisher has Florida State going in the right direction though.

2) #3 LSU (-4.5) at #25 Mississippi State - Win.  LSU 19, Mississippi State 6.  Les Miles is a miracle worker.  He might get ridiculed in the national press, but the man wins games.  That and he has LSU possibly in the National Title hunt yet again.

3) #17 Ohio State at Miami (FL) (-3) - Win.  Ohio State 6, Miami 24.  The original convicts win and in the process show that Ohio State isn't like the teams of the past decade.  I don't believe that the Buckeyes trouble are just a one year thing.  Watch for them to start sliding back into mediocrity.

4) Tennessee at #16 Florida (-8.5) - Win.  Tennessee 23, Florida 33.  Rivalry?  Yawn.  Even when Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer aren't at Florida, the Vols fall by double digits.  Get back to me when the Vols win or there is a benches clearing brawl at midfield.

5) #15 Michigan State at Notre Dame (-5) - Win.  Michigan State 13, Notre Dame 31.  Chip Kelly finally got his first win of the season.  The good thing for Notre Dame is that the Spartans couldn't find a way to make it close in the 4th Quarter.  Watch for an Irish winning streak starting up.

6) Utah (+6.5) at BYU - Win.  Utah 54, BYU 10.  If I were in Provo, Utah right now, I would be asking BYU, "How's the first year of independence coming along?"  Losing by 44 to your biggest rival has to stick in your craw.  And the bad thing is that Utah will get better in the years to come because of their conference affiliation.  BYU, not so much.  They will start to become Navy.

7) Washington (+18.5) at #11 Nebraska - Win.  Washington 38, Nebraska 51.  I would have never expected 89 points in this game.  The big 3rd Quarter by Nebraska made this into a high scoring affair with Washington having success in the 4th Quarter to make it look respectable.  I am starting to think back to the "Big Red Machine" days of Nebraska football and wondering if that is coming down the pike for Bo Pelini.

8) #18 West Virginia at Maryland (-2) - Loss.  West Virginia 37, Maryland 31.  West Virginia still looks shaky as a BCS Championship game participant.  The Maryland performance in this game proved that the Miami win was no fluke.  And an interception deep in West Virginia territory with about a minute left in the game was the fatal blow for Maryland.

9) #21 Auburn (+4) at Clemson - Loss.  Auburn 24, Clemson 38.  Clemson has done something that no other team has done in 18 games against the Auburn Tigers and that is win.  The hat is off to Clemson and let's see how Auburn rebounds from losing a game where it seemed that the luck had turned against them.

10) #24 Texas (-3.5) at UCLA - Win.  Texas 49, UCLA 20.  I think that Mack Brown is estatic with himself when he turned to Case McCoy to run his offense.  Ever since then, the Longhorn offense has looked good.  Of course, the opposition hasn't been the strongest in the world.  As for UCLA, turn the lights out, the party's over. 

The Additional Two

11) Pittsburgh at Iowa (-3) - Win.  Pittsburgh 27, Iowa 31.  This game was lots closer that I thought it would be.  I could have overrated the Hawkeyes this year based on what they have done so far.  Pitt might have a shot at beating West Virginia this year and making sure that the Mountaineers don't go undefeated in a very weak Big East.

12) Presbyterian at California (-42.5) - Win.  Presbyterian 12, California 63.  This is a game that the University schedules to let their fan base have a good time at the game and make sure that there is no chance for the opponent to win.  You know there are a couple of BCS conferences that can be used for games like these.  The WAC and Sun Belt come immediately to mind.

Week 3 Results:  10-2 Record.  2-1 Picking Underdogs.  8-1 Picking Favorites.  2-1 Road Underdog.  0-0 Home Underdog.  3-0 Road Favorites.  5-1 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  24-11-1 Record.  68.1 Win Percentage.  7-3 Picking Underdogs. 17-8-1 Picking Favorites. 5-2 Road Underdog.  2-1 Home Underdog.  5-5 Road Favorites.  12-3-1 Home Favorites.

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