Sunday, September 04, 2011

College Football Picks Week 1 - Results

It looks like Week 1 isn't the best start, but there are some positive points from the weekend. The Biggest positive?  I am riding the Boise State bandwagon all year.  I do want a replica of the Boise State helmets they wore tonight.

1.  #3 Oregon (-1) vs #4 LSU (at Arlington, TX)   Loss.  Oregon 27, LSU 40.  Uncharacteristic turnovers by the Ducks and rotten QB play caused the rout by LSU.  Good thing for Oregon is that there is time to run the rest of the table and finish in the BCS title game.

2.  #5 Boise State (-3.5) at #19 Georgia (at Atlanta, GA) Win.  Boise St. 35, Georgia 21.  What can you say about Chris Peterson and the Broncos.  They are an upgraded version of Fresno St.  Don't care where they play, they show up and destroy the competition.  Kellen Moore for the Heisman, anyone?

3.  Miami at Maryland (+5) Win.  Miami 24, Maryland 32.  I feel sorry for Al Golden.  He brings Temple back to respectability and accepts the Miami job.  Then the controversy breaks out.  Miami has better talent than Maryland but the distractions are going to make it a long year for the U.

4.  South Florida at #16 Notre Dame (-10)  Loss.  South Florida 23, Notre Dame 20.  This is what I get when I believe the hype.  Instead of a 10 win season, the Fighting Irish might be looking at more like 7.

5.  BYU (-3) at Mississippi  Loss.  BYU 14, Mississippi 13.  By all rights, Mississippi should have won this game.  BYU with 14 points in the 4th Quarter shouldn't have happened.  You think Houston McNutt stays at Ole Miss if they have another losing season?

6.  Appalachian State at #13 Virginia Tech (-25)  Win.  Appalachian State 13, Virginia Tech 66.  It looks like Virginia Tech watched the App. St-Michigan upset and remembered last year's defeat at the hands of James Madison.  Looks like Virginia Tech might be gearing up for an ACC title.  And App. St. sees how hard it will become next year when they are a D-I BCS school member.

7.  SMU at #8 Texas A&M (-14)  Win.  SMU 14, Texas A&M 46.  Um, if the best school that the Big XII can recruit in football is SMU, then the conference should disband.  Texas A&M, on the other hand, needs to continue to improve for the SEC teams that they are going to play week in, week out.

8.  Tulsa at #1 Oklahoma (-24)  Win.  Tulsa 14, Oklahoma 47.  Landry Jones is another in the line of Okalhoma QBs that will be a finalist for the Heisman.

9.  #14 TCU (-6) at Baylor  Loss.  TCU 49, Baylor 50.  I know that Baylor has a good offense, but it isn't this good.  The TCU defense played with the urgency of a tree sloth.  How can you be ranked when the defense is this bad.  And no, I don't see Baylor even coming close to winning the Big XII.

10.  Akron at #18 Ohio State (-33.5)  Win.  Akron 0, Ohio State 42.  This game told me nothing except that Akron isn't good enough to be playing Big Ten teams.

Extra Games:

11.  Minnesota (+21) at #25 USC  Win.  Minnesota 17, USC 19.  Minnesota does not have a good offensive flow right at this moment.  However, they will be able to keep games closer than double digits.  Based on Week 1, USC is way overrated.

12.  Northwestern at Boston College (-3)  Loss.  Northwestern 24, Boston College 17.  I am going to have to recalibrate with Northwestern and Pat Fitzgerald.  They win when I pick against and lose when I pick for.  BC might have an off year if the defense cannot carry them.

Week 1 Results:  7-5 Record.  2-0 Picking Underdogs.  5-5 Picking Favorites.  1-0 Road Underdog.  1-0 Home Underdog.  1-3 Road Favorites.  4-2 Home Favorites.

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