Saturday, November 03, 2012

10 College Football Predictions - Week 10

Well, a 5-5 week isn't anything to be proud about.  I am still shocked that Notre Dame went into Norman and crushed the Sooners.  And the wretched performance by the Badgers also made my stomach crawl.  but here we are again with 10 choices of games and this week, I am picking the huge games that have both teams ranked, starting with the Big showdown in the SEC.

1.  Alabama (-8) at LSU.  Picking the Crimson Tide hurts.  I like the Bayou Bengals, but if you are realistic about the two teams, Nick Saban has the better team.  LSU has a terrific record in games like this, but it won't help.  I expect a repeat of last year NCS Title game with Alabama's defense carrying the banner.
LOSS  Alabama 21, LSU 17

2.  Texas A&M (-7) at Mississippi State.  Last week, the fairy tale ending came crashing down to Earth for the Bulldogs.  A 31 point loss at the hands of Alabama isn't anyhting to be ashamed of, but I don't think that the Bulldogs keep up with the Aggies in scoring.
WIN     Texas A&M 38, Mississippi 13

3.  Texas at Texas Tech (-7).  If you are a Longhorns fan, then you aren't liking this season.  Yes, Texas is ranked, but let's get real.  The team struggled for most of the season, while Tech is high flying and pushing that ball downfield.
LOSS     Texas 31, Texas Tech 22

4.  Oregon (-8.5) at USC.  The Trojan dreams of winning a National Championship are as dead as a stoolie is when the mob finds out that he ratted them out.  Oregon's offense is just to tough for the thinnly manned defense of the Trojans.
WIN     Oregon 62, USC 51

5.  Oklahoma State at Kansas State (-9).  Bill Snyder is a damn great coach.  Anybody that can bring a program to national revelence not just once, but twice is.  And he will keep the Wildcats rolling along.
WIN     Kansas State 44, Oklahoma State 30

6.  Nebraska (-1.5) at Michigan State.  I told you that Michigan State was helter skelter in regards of how they play.  I suspect that they will go back to the bad team that we have seen a few times this season and the Cornhuskers come away with a win.
WIN     Nebraska 28, Michigan State 24

7.  Pittsburgh (+17)  at Notre Dame.  There should be no way that the Panthers are winning this game, however I am not expecting a blowout either.  The Fighting Irish are right in the thick of the National Championship hunt and this trap game might make them sweat a little.
WIN     Notre Dame 29, Pittsburgh 26 (3OT)

8.  San Diego State at Boise State (-15).  Boise State is a good football team.  Just because they lost to Michigan State doesn't mean that they aren't.  They should have more than enough to take out the Aztecs.
LOSS     San Diego St. 21, Boise State 19

9.  Arizona State at Oregon State (-3.5).  The Beavers have come out of nowhere to be riding at the top of the PAC12 season.  They should be able to take out the Sun Devils and look forward to Oregon.
WIN     Oregon State 36, Arizona State 26

10.  Mississippi at Georgia (-14).  Georgia can win the SEC East and I suspect that they will prove it against the Old Miss Rebels.
WIN     Georgia 37, Mississippi 10

Last Week Results:

Overall: 5-5
Road Favorite: 2-2
Road Underdog:  1-0
Home Favorite: 2-3
Home Underdog: 0-0

Yearly Record:

Overall: 43-48-1
Road Favorite: 11-18
Road Underdog: 14-8
Home Favorite: 17-17-1
Home Underdog: 1-5

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