Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 College Football Predictions - Week 11

A 7-3 week should put me in a good mood, but it doesn't. The one week where I pick against Texas, they show up and the one week that I pick Boise State, they decide not to show.  I missed on the spread on the Alabama/LSU game but I hit on everything else including the close game between Pitt and Notre Dame.  I am 1 game under .500 and I should be on the winning side of that mark come next week.

1.  Iowa State (+10) at Texas.  The Cyclones have played pretty good defense this year, but they have been less than spectacular on offense.  As for the Longhorns, they haven't look good almost all year.  I take Iowa State in a slight upset here.
LOSS     Texas 33, Iowa State 7.

2.  Missouri (+3) at Tennessee.  This is a game between the two biggest disappointments in the SEC East.  I don't think that either of these two teams are that good, but I will go with the interlopers from Missouri to go into the den of the Volunteers and steal a victory.
WIN     Missouri 51, Tennessee 48 (OT).

3.  Colorado at Arizona (-29).  The Buffs are the worst major college football team in the land.  If Oregon had wanted, they could have scored triple digits.  And here comes Arizona with Rich Rod and the Oregon of the PAC-12 South.  Another long day for the Buffaloes and their Fans.
LOSS     Arizona 56, Colorado 31.

4.  Minnesota (-3) at Illinois.  The stock of the Golden Gopehrs has fallen quite a bit since the first couple of weeks of the season.  Their offense has stalled and the defense is just soft enough that they cannnot make the major stops that a team sometimes needs.  The Illini are the worst team in the Big 10 and that is saying something.
WIN     Minnesota 17, Illinois 3.

5.  Texas A&M at Alabama (-13.5).  Alabama goes into LSU on a Saturday Night and pulls out a victory and now they are getting less respect from the oddsmakers?  Seems strange to me.  I understand that Texas A&M has a high powered offense, but let's see that offense go against the Alabama defense.  I bet the look ordinary during this game.
LOSS     Texas A&M 29, Alabama 24.

6.  West Virginia at Oklahoma State (-10).  After starting like their hair was on fire, the West Virginia offense has not clicked on many levels.  And now the Mountaineers come to the house of the original fire-break team, the Cowboys form Oklahoma State.  Take the Cowboys and the fact that the Mountaineers haven't fixed the offense yet.
WIN     Oklahoma State 55, West Virginia 34.

7.  Mississippi State at LSU (-15.5).  I normally would think that the Bulldogs would have a shot in this game, but with LSU coming off a rough loss to Alabama, which they think they should have won, the Tigers will be looking to make a statement.  That means bad news for the Bulldogs.
WIN     LSU 37, Mississippi State 17

8.  Kansas State (-6.5) at TCU.  I know that Colin Klein has an injury, but I still think that the Wildcats are a better team then the Horned Frogs are this year.
WIN     Kansas State 23, TCU 10

9.  Notre Dame at Boston College (-19).  This is a pick that almost nobody is making.  I just think that the Fighting Irish play to their opponent's ability.  That means that they will look like dreck this week because Boston College isn't what you would consider a powerhouse.
WIN     Notre Dame 21, Boston College 6.

10.  Oregon (-28.5) at California.  The Ducks are a scoring machine.  Holding them under 50 points is considered a good showing.  Chip Kelly is rumored to want to go coach in the NFL if he wins a national championship.  I have a feeling that Oregon will now put the petal to the metal.
WIN     Oregon 59, California 17.

Last Week Results:

Overall: 7-3
Road Favorite: 3-1
Road Underdog: 1-0
Home Favorite: 3-2
Home Underdog: 0-0

Yearly Record:

Overall: 50-51-1
Road Favorite: 14-19
Road Underdog: 15-8
Home Favorite:  20-19-1
Home Underdog: 1-5

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