Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 5 NFL Head Coaches In Trouble With Their Job

I figured that I would do another weekly post for the blog.  This time I will be looking at the 5 NFL Head Coaches that are in the greatest jeopardy of losing their job.  Right now, I can make the case for anywhere between 11 to 13 coaches becoming unemployed after this year, but I will only go into the reasons why with 5.

1.  Andy Reid - Philadelphia Eagles.  The owner this preseason said that 8-8 was not acceptable for Andy Reid to have for a record with this team.  Well, sitting at 3-6 isn't going to impress Jeffrey Luria.  That being said the offensive line injuries is sinking this season for the Eagles, and that is the only reason that the Eagles have this bad of a record.  But that doesn't mean that Andy Reid isn't going to get fired.

2. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers.  This man is almost as much "Dead Man Walking" as Andy Reid is.  Turner should have been fired after last year but Dean Spanos decided that he would make AJ Smith and Norv Turner either sink or swim together.  Well, the swimming isn't going so well.  Philip Rivers has regressed.  The talent that the Chargers do have isn't playing up to their potential.  That means that the Chargers after this season will have new people in positions of power, including Head Coach.

3.  Ron Rivera - Carolina Panthers.  The outlook for your job doesn't look so good when the GM gets fired after 6 games.  It also doesn't help that it looks like the franchise QB has regressed.  A 2-7 record in the second year is being looked at a disappointment and the offense looks disjointed.  It could be that the search for a new GM brings in a new Head Coach as well.  Another sign is that coaches are being fired mid-season.  That usually means that the Head Coach is under fire from within the organization.  See Andy Reid above.

4.  Pat Shurmur - Cleveland Browns.  This is almost a sure thing as well.  Mike Holmgren is out as President and the new owner has a new President of the Browns in Joe Banner.  He is going to change the culture of the Browns and that means that the current constuction project will be torn down after the year and that includes Shurmur.

5.  Romeo Crennel - Kansas City Chiefs.  Yes, it's only his first full year in Kansas City.  But again, there is major heat on Scott Pioli to be fired and if your biggest supporter in the organization is let go, and he is the one that hired you for the job, it usually means that you will follow him out of the organization. 

Dishonorable Mention:  Jason Garrett, Cowboys;  Mike Shanahan, Redskins;  Chan Gailey, Bills;  Rex Ryan, Jets;  Mike Munchak, Titans;  Marvin Lewis, Bengals.

Possible But Not Probable:  Leslie Frazier, Vikings;  Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals;  Mike Mularkey, Jaguars.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Allen has to be added to this list. The Raiders defense is horrible and the running game is non-existent, something that was not a problem when Hue Jackson was around. The latter problem is a result of the hiring of Greg Knapp and his stupid "zone blocking" scheme that will never work in Oakland.

Brent said...

Dennis Allen won't be on the list. He isn't in trouble according to most people. The braintrust in Oakland are more concerned with getting out of Salary Cap hell this year than trying to make it into the playoffs. Next year will be more of an evaluation year for Allen.

Zebster said...

I think Jason Garrett belongs perhaps at the top.

Brent said...

That's the problem with only 5 coaches in the list. I can see up to 10 coaches being released. And Garrett is one of them. However, Jerry Jones might be that glutton for punishment because if he fires Garrett, it makes him look even worse than when he has fired his other coaches. He praises Garrett and says that he is still growing into the job.

Brent said...

Right now, if I were a betting man, I would say that my Top 5 coaches are all getting fired after the season. I would put in 4 other coaches being fired: Garrett, Marvin Lewis, Chan Gailey, and Rex Ryan.

Shanahan is 60/40 staying. Munchak is 50/50. Frazier 80/20. Whisenhunt 70/30. Mularkey 70/30.