Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 NFL Coaches In Trouble

 It is Sunday about 6PM CST and it looks like the list needs to be updated with this week's results.  The list hasn't changed.  In fact, this weeks results just bolster the Top 5.  Dennis Allen was added to the Possible but not probable list.  Ownership is questioning how the team is being run.  That is never a good thing for the Head Coach.

1.  Andy Reid - Philadelphia Eagles.  A 3-7 record.  A blowout loss to a Washington Redskins team that has less talent.  Getting Shady McCoy injured with under 2 minutes left in the game and you are down by 3 scores on a running play.  The talent on this team hasn't performed.  That is on them, but it is also on Andy Reid.  Brent Celek has been an especially egregious offender over the past month.  This Redskins game though, proved that it wasn't all Michael Vick that plagued this team (Although Vick is/was about 50% of the problems).  When looking at the vacancies out there that I think will be open for jobs, I expect Reid to slide into the job listed at #2.

2. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers.  If you are a San Diego Chargers fan, are you longing for a return to the Marty Schottenheimer era?  You had a great regular season and choked in the playoffs under Marty, or do you say it is better that our hopes and dreams are crushed in the said regular season?  Philip Rivers isn't considered by some to be a Top 10 QB anymore.  Ryan Mathews and Norv have feuded this year and while Mathews has talent, he is also injury prone.  It doesn't help that now the Chargers are a full 4 games behind Denver in the AFC West.  The only possible saving grace is that the Indianapolis Colts aren't a veteran team and might collapse from that wildcard spot that they have and if the Chargers get hot, they might sneak into the playoffs.  It's not likely, but it is possible.

3.  Ron Rivera - Carolina Panthers.  Oh this past game had to hurt.  You get the breaks on the calls from the officials, and Cam Newton actually plays a half-ways decent game and you still find a way to lose.  How do you allow the Buccaneers to score from inside their own 20 with 56 second left in the game?  How do you not say that our running game is one of the best out there and convert on a 4th and 1 to seal the victory?  How is it that you allow the Bucs to drive down the field after the kickoff in OT to score the winning touchdown?  There are no answers forthcoming form Rivera or the Panthers.  That tells you that it is time for new management of the team and that the Head Caoch won't be there very much longer.

4.  Pat Shurmur - Cleveland Browns.  Another close call for a coach on this list.  Shurmur would have made my day if they could have completed the upset of the Cowboys.  But the Browns remembered that they were the Browns and fell apart at the brink of victory.   A 2-8 record and the changing of the upper management of the Browns ensures that Pat Shurmur isn't the best man available to be Head Coach of the Browns.  Maybe he should call Mike Holmgren and thank him for the way he drafted. 

5.  Romeo Crennel - Kansas City Chiefs.  A lackluster 28-6 loss at home to the Cincinnati Bengals just shows that this job won't be Romeo's for long.  The Chiefs need a Top Tier QB.  Cassel, Quinn and sadly, Stanzi aren't the answer.  That will be the reason that Scott Pioli is released and Crennel will also be shown the door in another rebuilding project for the Chiefs.  The funny thing is that Todd Haley actually led the Chiefs to the playoffs and feuded with the organization.  Maybe the organization should look within itself and figure out what is wrong. 

Dishonorable Mention:  Jason Garrett, Cowboys;  Mike Shanahan, Redskins;  Chan Gailey, Bills;  Rex Ryan, Jets;  Mike Munchak, Titans;  Marvin Lewis, Bengals.

Possible But Not Probable:  Leslie Frazier, Vikings;  Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals;  Mike Mularkey, Jaguars, Dennis Allen, Raiders.

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