Saturday, November 03, 2012


The header says it all. All the talking heads had the Giants losing to the Tigers. All this after they came from behind in two separate series to take themselves to the World Series. They showed up big time to put themselves in position to not only win the series but dominate the series.
Detroit was there, their pitching was there, but the defense and the offense were not on the same page as the pitching. And even with the loss of home field advantage because of the National League win at the All Star game, Detroit did'nt have any momentum to carry themselves against the Giants.
Game One looked to be a no contest, Verlander against Zito, it appeared to have win written all over it, but Sandoval had something to say about that tying Ruth, Jackson, and Pujols with three homeruns in a game and being the first to do it in game one.
Game Two again looked good on paper for the Tigers, Bumgarner against Fister, but again to no avail.The game was scoreless until the seventh inning when, with bases loaded Crawford hits to bring in Pence, the Detroit bats were quiet as they went 2-0 and down two games heading home to Detroit.
Game Three had Vogelsong against Sanchez, this appeared to copy the first two games with the Detroit bats not doing anything to help their starters and bullpen, again, the score was 2-0 and the Giants had a iron grip on the series title and a firm 3-0 game lead going into game four.
Game Four started with Cain and Scherzer, the Detroit bats showed some signs of life, with the triple crown winner Cabrera getting a two run homer and give Detroit a chance by taking a 3-3 tie into the tenth inning. But Scutaro's RBI single in the top of the tenth bringing Theriot home dashed any chances for the Tigers and the game ended 4-3 giving the Giants the sweep they proved they deserved. So this win gave the Giants their seventh World Series and sent Detroit home to comtemplate the 2013 season.


Zebster said...

The Giants have done this twice now, winning 3 years ago when everyone said they were the worst team to ever win a WS. You gotta love how these guys play the game, and I couldn't be happier for Marco Scutaro. The Giants proved again that you can win it all with great pitching and a bunch of grinders. Great job, Jake.

Rick said...

Good fun but...from an ad man this hurts our revenue. Please 7 games next time.