Monday, November 26, 2012

The List Of NFL Coaches In Trouble - Week 13

This is a list ranking the coaches that I believe are in trouble about holding their jobs past this season.  Right now, I believe that the Top 8 in the list are either Dead Man Walking or close to it.  The others on the list might be fired, based upon what their teams do over the final weeks of the season.  The thing is that there are some assistants getting fired by the Head Coach in order to try and placate the Owner or General Manager that has the fate of the Head Coach in their hands.  How can you say that continuity is important and then sacrifice an assistant to try and keep your job?  Something I don't get.  Anyways, let's get to the list.

1. Andy Reid - Philadelphia Eagles.  Enough of the drama.   It is time to release Andy Reid and let him get away from this situation.  It is the Eagles defense that has let the team down in crunch time.  The sacrifice of Juan Castillo didn't improve the defense, it actually made it worse.  Nick Foles isn't the answer at QB, neither is Michael Vick. 

2. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers. There is a question that I have to ask about the San Diego Chargers.  How can a defense allow a dump pass on 4th and 29 to obtain even close to those 29 yards?  Even if Philip Rivers and Norv Turner are correct and Ray Rice was 1/2 yard short, that doesn't change the fact that the Chargers choked in the 4th Quarter yet again.  How do you hold the Ravens offense so that it looks like a pee-wee team for the first 3 quarters and then look so bad that it appears like the Ravens offense could be a Super Bowl contender in the 4th?  Even if Norv Turner has the locker room solidly behind him, he and AJ Smith are the beginning of the house cleaning in San Diego.  I wouldn't be surprised if that does include Philip Rivers.

3. Ron Rivera - Carolina Panthers.  Well, Coach Rivera actually won a close game on the road.  At 3-8, it doesn't matter.  This team was expected to march into the playoffs and they are not going to do that.  Jerry Richardson is looking for a Super Bowl Contender.  This team isn't one.  Somebody will have to go.

4. Pat Shurmur - Cleveland Browns. Browns fans are celebrating today.  They beat the hated Pittsburgh Steelers 20-14.  Of course, the Steelers were playing their 3rd string QB and injuries have decimated the team, but who is sweating the details?  Brandon Weeden has a concussion and the vilified Colt McCoy ended the game at QB, but that is just another detail.  At least Coach Shurmur will have a rivalry victory over the Steelers when he is let go after the season. 

5. Romeo Crennel - Kansas City Chiefs.  A tough 17-9 loss to the Denver Broncos didn't do anything for the job security here.  We all know that Pioli and Crennel are under fire and the QB play isn't improving.  That alone would help Coach Crennel with the odds in keeping his job. 

6.  Chan Gailey - Buffalo Bills.  Chan was supposed to bring respectability to the Bills.  Well, he has the Bills losing close instead of losing big.  The name of the game is winning.

7.  Mike Munchak - Tennessee Titans.  Bud Adams thinks that this is a playoff team.  That isn't good for the head coach that loses to Jacksonville.  Also, the 2nd Assistant Coach has been fired, Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer.

8.  Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys.  He got the Vote of Confidence from Jerry Jones.  That isn't a good thing being the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

9.  Ken Whisenhunt - Arizona Cardinals.  It is not a good thing when you have started 3 Quarterbacks throughout the season and have none that actually play well.  Somebody needs to figure out a way to develop QBs in the desert.

10.  Rex Ryan - New York Jets.  I don't believe that he should last past this year, but I think he will be able to wiggle into another year.  As for Marc Sanchez, I don't believe he is a franchise QB.

11.  Dennis Allen - Oakland Raiders.  Dennis Allen needs to stay in Oakland past this year.  Reggie McKenzie needs time to bring in talent to Oakland and that includes allowing Allen to stay and try to mold them into a winning team.

12.  Mike Mularkey - Jacksonville Jaguars.  One victory over Tennessee has calmed the waters in Jacksonville somewhat.  Now to see if Matt Moore is the real deal at QB.  (He isn't).

13.  Mike Shanahan - Washington Redskins.  Mike Shanahan is still riding on his credentials from his Denver days.  RG III has probably bought Shanahan another year to get to the playoffs.

14.  Leslie Frazier - Minnesota Vikings.  I believe that Frazier should return.  However, that vaunted defense he was supposed to lead leaves something to be desired and the offense needs major upgrades for Wide Receiver and Offensive Line.

15.  Jim Schwartz - Detroit Lions.  He probably won't be fired, but the seat is starting to become warm.  A head coach needs to keep his composure and Coach Schwartz doesn't do that.  His team is getting the reputation for being dirty.

Left The List:  Marvin Lewis, Bengals.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Dennis Allen being so low on this list. The coordinators he brought in are the absolute worst and at minimum they have to go.

I hope Mark Davis can bring Chucky home. The Raiders are a team that needs a swift kick in the butt.

Brent said...

I can understand how a Raiders fan might think that. But look at the coaches above Allen.

The Top 5 are certainly gone. Chan Gailey isn't bringing winning to Buffalo. 3rd year.
Jerry Jones is fielding questions about Garrett's status which isn't good for Garrett. Sub .500 record.
Mike Munchak is disposing assistant coaches each and every week now. Bud Adams expected a division title.
Ken Whisenhunt has a team that could be playoff bound if they had a QB. Since Warner, the Cards have no answer at QB.
And The Jets are going to shake up the team during the offseason.

Where do you put Allen in that list? Maybe ahead of Ryan and Whisenhunt. But that would be as high I would think that he would be.