Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks - Week 7

Week 7 picks will have sort of an edge to them. Just got done reading the NY Times and Fox Sports reports on Jameis Winston and the way that the prosecutor's office in Tallahassee were stymied in their investigation of Winston allegedly raping another student. Right now, I wish that Seminole Nation would rise up against the Administrators of the school and the Athletic Department. Because they didn't protect the University, they brought it shame.

Back to the games. Georgia looked like they could be the savior of the SEC East. Well, that isn't going to happen with Todd Gurley sitting on the sidelines, suspended indefinitely. And as for the SEC lobbying for two teams in the playoffs right now. Just shut the pie hole and let the games play out. Y'all might have 2 losses for each and every team. Then come and say that you have the best teams. You can't.

Finally, I am picking more than 10 games this week. There are some games that I have strong thoughts about, so let's pick them.

Texas at #11 Oklahoma (-17) - Oklahoma went down to TCU last week in a shootout. Now, I think that they respond strongly and roll over their rivals from the other side of the Red River.
Texas 16 Oklahoma 42

#1 Florida State (-24) at Syracuse - I would laugh my ass off if the 'Cuse won this game. Alas, the Seminoles have too much firepower. They should have this won by halftime.
Florida State 45 Syracuse 7

#13 Georgia at #23 Missouri (+2) - Without Todd Gurley, I don't believe that the Bulldogs are that good. Let's go with the Tigers at home and putting themselves up by two games in the SEC East.
Georgia 27, Missouri 31

#2 Auburn at #3 Mississippi State (+3) - This is the classic test of offense vs. defense. Auburn has the high octane offense. I just don't see it hitting on all cylinders against this stingy Bulldog defense.
Auburn 24, Mississippi State 27

#8 Michigan State (-21) at Purdue - The spartans have a good chance to go undefeated for the rest of the season and making the playoffs. One way to impress is to put away inferior opposition early.
Michigan State 41, Purdue 14

#12 Oregon (-3) at #18 UCLA - The plot for this game is which offensive line can actually block somebody. I will go with Oregon because they have better talent in other place than the Bruins do.
Oregon 37, UCLA 30

#9 TCU at #5 Baylor (-8) - If TCU wins, then they have a shot at going undefeated and will make the playoffs if that happens. I don't think that they can outscore the Bears and their offense.
TCU 38, Baylor 45

North Carolina at #6 Notre Dame (-17) - Do these games count if the ranked team plays North Carolina. The Tar Heels stink and everybody knows it. I am still not impressed with Notre Dame.
North Carolina 10, Notre Dame 38

#7 Alabama (-9.5) at Arkansas - Oh, Bret Bielema, how I love to pick against you. You cannot win a big game. That and the Crimson Tide are not a happy crew. Pork sandwiches sound good Saturday Afternoon.
Alabama 34, Arkansas 21

#3 Ole Miss at #14 Texas A&M (-3) - The Rebels are dreaming big. A&M are fighting for their championship dreams. The Aggies dreams are not denied this week.
Mississippi 21, Texas A&M 27

USC (-2.5) at #10 Arizona - After watching the Wildcats last week, I am not impressed with them. They might be undefeated so far, but if USC plays up to their potential, the Trojans win.
USC 38, Arizona 24.

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