Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks - Week 8

With #1 Mississippi State and #6 Auburn off this week, I figured that I would lick my wounds from last week and only pick the 7 games that feature Top 10 teams. Last week was mostly favorites, this week has only 2 favorites that I am picking. With my record this year, every favorite will win. That is just my luck.

If things play out according to Vegas, then the only game that will have an effect on the playoff race is the Notre Dame/Florida State game. And if it goes according to plan, then Notre Dame's playoff chances will be practically nil after the game. If I were to pick a true upset (besides Arkansas over Georgia), I would pick Texas A&M over Alabama. Alabama is showing lots of chinks in their armor. I believe that they will have another loss before the season is over.

#4 Baylor at West Virginia (+8) - If this was in Waco, I would go with the Bears and give upto 16 points. Since it is in West Virginia, I expect the Mountaineers to show up and give Baylor the same battle that the Sooners received when the visited West Virginia. A close ballgame but in the end, the better team wins.
Baylor 45, West Virginia 41

#21 Texas A&M (+13.5) at #7 Alabama - The Alabama offense has looked out of sync that past couple of games. The A&M offense has been suspect since the Kenny Trill nickname was being thrown around. I don't see an upset here, but I can't see a big Alabama win either. The mark of a good team is to win those games that you are supposed to win. Bama does that here.
Texas A&M 24, Alabama 28

#8 Michigan State (-17) at Indiana - I understand that Indiana has an offense this year. They don't have a defense. The Spartans will close out a Big 10 team sometime this year. I believe that this is that week.
Michigan State 37, Indiana 17

#10 Georgia at Arkansas (+3.5) - I cannot believe I am going to say this, but I believe in Bret Bielema. I would make the same pick straight up. I believe that Georgia was playing on emotion last week and come out flat this week. There is a reason that Todd Gurley was almost 40% of the Bulldog offense before he was suspended.
Georgia 21, Arkansas 27

Tennessee (+16.5) at #3 Mississippi - This is not an upset special, but I believe that the game will be closer than most people expect. I am still not in love with the Rebels and if Tennessee brings their game, can give Ole Miss a scare before losing. Bo Wallace was supposed to be the QB in Mississippi that could take the Heisman. Not with the year that he is having.
Tennessee 24, Mississippi 34

#5 Notre Dame at #2 Florida State (-10) - I am not expecting a close game here. I am expecting a blowout for the Seminoles. Notre Dame has made their own luck with an opportunistic defense and an offense that has done enough. That isn't good enough against the Seminoles. Expect Florida State to look like the defending national champs.
Notre Dame 17, Florida State 45

Washington (+21) at #9 Oregon - It looks like the Quack Attack might be coming back. I like Oregon to win the rest of their games, but I think that Chris Peterson will have the Huskies play tough in this one. A 5-1 team that is a 21 point underdog? That is a lack of respect.
Washington 28, Oregon 41

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I wish I could say more about this, but without cable I feel so detached from college football it's not funny anymore. It's almost as if I don't know about it unless I read about the bad things athletes are up to off the field.