Thursday, October 02, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks - Week 6

This week is a great week to be an SEC West fan. The teams play each other and the rankings will certainly be shaken up after the fallout occurs. All 6 teams are ranked in the Top 15 of the nation. How far will Michigan continue to fall? And will the Administration at Michigan put Brady Hoke out to pasture before the end of the season if the Wolverines continue to lose?  Nebraska gets their shot at Michigan State this weekend. The Spartans look like one of the best teams in the nation. Oregon gets a chance at revenge against an Arizona team that blew them out last year. And finally, Stanford travels to Notre Dame and are favored to beat the Irish.

This is one of the weekends that you are thankful to be a college football fan. Big game after big game gets played and after the weekend is done, you have conversations about who you believe is better.

My four playoff teams right now: Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State, and Oregon.
Knocking On The Door: Michigan State and Baylor

Arizona at #2 Oregon (-21) - I am going against what I think might happen. All I have been hearing is that the Wildcats will cause headaches for the Ducks. I think that they probably will, but there is a chance that the Ducks and the high-powered offense that they deploy will bury Arizona deep and early. Let's go with that one.
Arizona 27, Oregon 57

#6 Texas A&M at #12 Mississippi State (-2.5) - The A&M offense can be stymied by that Bulldog defense. I cannot believe that I actually think that Miss. State can beat LSU and come back and knock off another Top 10 team. Let's go with what was thought would be a long shot only 3 weeks ago.
Texas A&M 31, Mississippi State 38

Wake Forest at #1 Florida State (-38) - Wake Forest is the only ACC school that currently has a losing record. There is no way that they are winning this game. The only question is if the Seminoles decide to show up and show their talent. I believe that they do.
Wake Forest 17, Florida State 62

#7 Baylor (-15.5) at Texas - I believe that Charlie Strong will get the Longhorns turned around and back on top of the Big 12 in a few years. But for now, it is time for anybody that wants to take a shot at them to do so for their arrogance over the past decades. Baylor will take that shot.
Baylor 49, Texas 20

#4 Oklahoma (-5.5) at #25 TCU - The Horned Frogs got their wish to join the Big 12. They still aren't on par with the powerhouses of the conference. Oklahoma is a powerhouse. I will give the points and take the tradition and athletes of the Sooners.
Oklahoma 31, TCU 21

#14 Stanford (-2) at #9 Notre Dame - Notre Dame doesn't get respect from Vegas. An underdog to a lower ranked opponent at home. I love it. I am not a fan of the Irish. The Cardinal are a better team in my mind. At least I won't have to hear the hype of #1 Florida State vs. a Top 10 Notre Dame.
Stanford 35, Notre Dame 17

#3 Alabama (-5.5) at #11 Mississippi - I am starting to believe that Lane Kiffin in Alabama is a good fit. The offense has changed a bit and the Quarterback looks like he is starting to develop. Ole Miss is a good story, but I just cannot see them winning this game.
Alabama 27, Mississippi 21

#15 LSU (+7.5) at #5 Auburn - There is trouble in Tiger land. Both Tiger lands. LSU has problems at QB. Auburn is having problems with the offense. I believe that this game will come down to the final possession and while Auburn wins, they escape by the skin of their teeth.
LSU 24, Auburn 28

#19 Nebraska at #10 Michigan State (-7) - Michigan State is the best team in the Big 10. Nebraska is undefeated right now. That doesn't matter. The Spartans look like they hit their stride. I don't believe that anybody in the conference can beat them. That includes the once mighty Cornhuskers.
Nebraska 25, Michigan State 42

Utah (+13.5) at #8 UCLA - Utah went into Michigan and caused the national story of the Wolverines fall from grace. I can see the Utes pulling off the upset. I am still not sold on the Bruins even after last week. Jim Mora is a great college football coach, but this week, I just see the Bruins not playing well.
Utah 31, UCLA 27

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