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2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 6

I thought that Texas would be the favorite team in New Mexico!
I should give myself a double win for calling out the Utah upset over #8 UCLA. Of course that is the lone upset that I chose on a weekend that was full of upsets. If Stanford could have made a play on a forth and 11 and if the Spartan defense would have played in the 4th Quarter, this prediction thing would have looked good for me this weekend. But alas, it did not happen.We still did improve on the yearly winning percentage.

Outside the Top 10 - The BYU crashing the playoff scene stopped after their loss to Utah State. Really? Utah State? Wisconsin shows that without a Quarterback, that a top tier Running Back isn't enough. Michigan falls again, this time to Rutgers. The Pirates of East Carolina continue to win. They are the best team in college football for the state of North Carolina. And the SEC Least continues to wallow in mediocrity except for possibly Georgia. South Carolina 3-3? A pre-season Top 10 ranking for the Gamecocks looks even more foolish now.

Arizona at #2 Oregon (-21) - I watched most of this game on Thursday night. All I can say is that the PAC-12 needs to have this particular officiating crew go back into training. There were some calls that were made that were unbelievable. Some that should have been called right in front of an official. And it appears that Rich Rod has the Ducks number for some reason.
Arizona 34, Oregon 27. LOSS

#6 Texas A&M at #12 Mississippi State (-2.5) - The Bulldogs did their part in making this past weekend the best one for the state of Mississippi in terms of college football. The Aggies committed lots of correctable mistakes. But now have to be seen as longshots to win the SEC West. And who would have thought at the beginning of the year that a Mississippi/Mississippi State game at the end of the year might mean the winner of the SEC West?
Texas A&M 31, Mississippi State 48. WIN

Wake Forest at #1 Florida State (-38) - I watch Florida State week in and week out playing teams that they should have beat by halftime. Usually they don't, but they did with Wake Forest. The Seminoles have the talent, but I can't figure them out.
Wake Forest 3, Florida State 43. WIN

#7 Baylor (-15.5) at Texas - Art Briles has the Bears looking good. Of course that has been the case the past couple of years. With Oklahoma going down, the Big 12 fans are hoping that Baylor can go undefeated and ensure that a Big 12 team makes the national playoff. There is no indication yet of that hope being out of reach. As for Texas, this is a transition year for the Longhorns. Believe in Charlie Strong.
Baylor 28, Texas 7. WIN

#4 Oklahoma (-5.5) at #25 TCU - The Horned Frogs got their biggest win in their short Big 12 history. Now, can they move on from this and continue playing with the same passion and intensity? I don't think so. As for Oklahoma, another game that they were favored in, should have won and lost. Every year it seems like something doesn't click on a given Saturday for the Sooners.
Oklahoma 33, TCU 37. LOSS

#14 Stanford (-2) at #9 Notre Dame - The Cardinal had this game won, but couldn't stop Notre Dame on a 4th and long with a minute left in the game. This loss also takes Stanford out of the running for the playoffs. Notre Dame will move massively up the rankings because of all the losses from teams above them. They are not a Top 10 team, let alone a Top 5 team.
Stanford 14, Notre Dame 17. LOSS

#3 Alabama (-5.5) at #11 Mississippi - Oh, how people are starting to jump off the Lane Kiffin bandwagon. I am not. In fact, I will paraphrase Bob Stoops here. There is no magical formation or play that anybody has. It all comes down to execution. On Saturday, the Tide offense did not execute and that is on the players. The Rebels are the biggest Cinderella story right now. We will see how long that rings true. Right now, there has to be talk in the Grove about how the ghosts of the past have been conjured up with the Rebels winning a big game.
Alabama 17, Mississippi 23. LOSS

#15 LSU (+7.5) at #5 Auburn - Les Miles will have a decision again after this year. I am sure that Michigan might come calling. It might be time to roll North. This defense looks like it might be the worst that he has had in LSU. The fans in Baton Rogue are getting a little restless. As for Auburn, going against the LSU defense is what made them look good. They aren't good enough to roll LSU by over 30 points.
LSU 7, Auburn 41. LOSS

#19 Nebraska at #10 Michigan State (-7) - Michigan State needs to look inside themselves. There should have been no doubt about this contest at the end. How do you let a dominating lead evaporate in the 4th Quarter. Nebraska isn't the best offense in the country. The better team won, but they gave themselves a scare that they didn't need to.
Nebraska 22, Michigan State 27. LOSS

Utah (+13.5) at #8 UCLA - UCLA has been playing with fire all season with their close calls. They could have won this one as well, but the last second field goal went wide. Utah should be undefeated, but let a 21 point lead turn into a loss against Washington State. Both of these teams still have to face Arizona, who is the last undefeated PAC 12 team. One of these teams will trip up the Wildcats.
Utah 30, UCLA 28. WIN

Week 6 Results:
4 Wins
6 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 40.0%
Home Record: 2-2-0
Road Record: 2-4-0
Favorites: 3-5-0
Underdogs: 1-1-0

Overall Results:
16 Wins
27 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 37.8%
Home Record: 10-15-2
Road Record: 6-12-0
Favorites: 10-25-2
Underdogs: 6-7-0 

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