Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks Results - Week 7

Well, another week, another flop. I had most of the winners, just not the right spread. So I need a couple of big weeks to come back and possibly get to even for the year.  This season has been a topsy-turvy one and the unexpected has happened. There is parity in the college ranks. If you ask me, the class of college football is Florida State, but they don't show it most of the time.

To all of those people writing off the Big 10 after week two when some MAC teams beat the Big 10, you might want to look again. The vaunted PAC-12 isn't looking elite. They all have at least 1 loss and most of the losses have looked bad. The ACC is Florida State and the little 13. The Big 12 is looking better than what the experts said that it would be. And the SEC is the SEC. The best conference in the land. However, look at the Big 10. 6 teams with only one loss. and you can make the argument that it is the most competitive conference behind the SEC.

My Final Four at the current time: Mississippi State, Florida State, Baylor, Mississippi
On The Outside Looking In: Notre Dame, Michigan State, Alabama, Oregon

Texas at #11 Oklahoma (-17) - Oklahoma is a tease. They look good but at the end, they play just good enough to win or lose real close. With the way that Texas has looked this year and the different talent levels, I have to give Charlie Strong credit. He had the Longhorns looking upset and almost pulled it off.
Texas 26 Oklahoma 31. LOSS

#1 Florida State (-24) at Syracuse - The Noles like to turn it on later in the game. They let the opponent hang around until they decide to show their talent. There is no reason that the Orange should have felt like they had a shot in the 3rd quarter of this game. The lack of playing a full game is going to come back and bite the ass of Florida State.
Florida State 38 Syracuse 20. LOSS

#13 Georgia at #23 Missouri (+2) - Oh did I buy into the hype of Missouri. I paid for it in this game. The Bulldogs looked like a team that is one of the best in the nation. Unfortunately, I believe that Georgia cannot continue to play to that standard.
Georgia 34, Missouri 0. LOSS

#2 Auburn at #3 Mississippi State (+3) - Mississippi State is the #1 team in the AP poll after this win. The Bulldogs went up big at the beginning of the game and showed that they are a good team. That defense is very good. Auburn could still make the playoffs, but they need major help now.
Auburn 23, Mississippi State 38. WIN

#8 Michigan State (-21) at Purdue - The Spartans have a weakness. That is playing in the fourth quarter. They continue to let teams back into the game late. And Mark D'antonio needs to figure out how to keep his offense going late. And I don't think a fake punt at your 30 yard line in the 4th Quarter up by a couple of scores is the way to do it.
Michigan State 45, Purdue 31. LOSS

#12 Oregon (-3) at #18 UCLA - The Ducks looked good with the return of offensive linemen. They can still represent the PAC-12 in the playoffs. Especially since in conference, everybody has 1 loss. As for UCLA, so much for that pre-season hype. No offensive line = not an elite team.
Oregon 42, UCLA 30. WIN

#9 TCU at #5 Baylor (-8) - This is a picture of what football is getting to with all the rules changes. I don't really enjoy it. Sometimes, I would like to see defense. And if you tell me that either of these teams have a good defense, I will shake my head. Baylor has a test in Oklahoma left to get into the playoff.
TCU 58, Baylor 61. LOSS

North Carolina at #6 Notre Dame (-17) - Oh, Notre Dame, I think I dislike you. But I wanna know for sure. How is it that you can play up to standards when I pick against you and then when I pick you, you give up 43 points to North Carolina. I believe that the surprise run ends next week against Florida State.
North Carolina 43, Notre Dame 50. LOSS

#7 Alabama (-9.5) at Arkansas - Bret Bielema, still is winless against the SEC West. His hogs came to play and almost pulled the upset. Nick Saban is starting to show the stress of having a program that is ranked highly each and every year. But Alabama is still right in the mix in the SEC West.
Alabama 14, Arkansas 13. LOSS

#3 Ole Miss at #14 Texas A&M (-3) - The Rebels went into College Station and won big. They are feeling disrespected because State is ranked higher than them. I expect Mississippi to come crashing down to earth within the next two weeks. The Aggies are starting to show that it might have been the QB that propelled them the past couple of seasons.
Mississippi 35, Texas A&M 20. LOSS

USC (-2.5) at #10 Arizona - I said that the Trojans would win. The Trojans left points out on the field. The Wildcats now might not even win the PAC-12 South. And they are the only team out there that can beat the Ducks in the PAC-12 Title game.
USC 28, Arizona 26. LOSS

Week 7 Results:
2 Wins
9 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 18.2%
Home Record: 1-5-0
Road Record: 1-4-0
Favorites: 1-8-0
Underdogs: 1-1-0

Overall Results:
18 Wins
36 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 33.3%
Home Record: 11-20-2
Road Record: 7-16-0
Favorites: 11-33-2
Underdogs: 7-8-0 

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