Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks Results - Week 9

I have finally broke through with a winning week. 6-1-0 for this week. Picked the LSU upset, and was on the right side of those 1 point lines. Kentucky was a 14.5 point dog. Lost by 14. Oregon was a 17 favorite. Won by 18. It does feel nice to actually feel like I know what I am talking about. You couldn't tell that from the first 8 week of picks.

The stupidest thing this week that I saw was a Michigan Wolverine bringing a stake out to Michigan State's stadium and planting in the field pre-game. Why would you do that? You bring ridicule onto your team, you really pissed off the Spartans, just listen to coach D'Antonio in the post-game press conference, and it looks like you can't visualize what it is like to win on a rivals stadium. Hey Big Brother, little brother just kicked your ass again. And no, Mike Hart isn't there to eat those words.

After this week, my Top 10:
1. Mississippi State
2. Florida State
3. Oregon
4. Michigan State
5. Alabama
6. Auburn
7. Georgia
8. Ohio State
9. Notre Dame
10. TCU

#6 Oregon (-17.5) at California - The Ducks have some of their offensive line back and Marcus Mariota would be my Heisman frontrunner at the current time. The Ducks have their nemesis, Stanford next week.
Oregon 59, California 41. WIN

#1 Mississippi State at Kentucky (+14.5)- Mississippi State looked like they weren't prepared to fight the Wildcats. Maybe the old adage about staying on top is harder than getting there is true. Mark Stoops has the Kentucky program moving in the right direction. But in the SEC, close isn't good enough.
Mississippi State 45, Kentucky 31. WIN

Michigan at #8 Michigan State (-17) - Brady Hoke is so fired after the season. And bringing a stake and planting it on the field during warmups just angered Sparty. If Michigan State continues playing like this, they will be in the playoffs, bar none. Oh and Michigan, if Michigan State is the little brother, you are the red-headed stepchild. At least Michigan scored a touchdown for the first time in 3 games vs. Michigan State
Michigan 11, Michigan State 35. WIN

Texas Tech at #10 TCU (-23) - 82 points. TCU scored 82 points. And in the end it will not help them one bit. Why? They were playing a putrid Texas Tech team. And by the way, I am still wondering what was the fascination with Kliff Kingsbury was at the beginning of the season. It looks like he can't be a good head coach at the D-I FBS level.
Texas Tech 27, TCU 82. WIN

#3 Mississippi at #24 LSU (+3.5) - Mississippi cannot go into Baton Rouge and play a good game. History has told us that for a while now. This loss could cause Mississippi not to get into the playoffs. Now they have to rise up to the occasion and beat two teams that are ranked higher than themselves. Don't think that they can do it.
Mississippi 7, LSU 10. WIN

#4 Alabama (-19) at Tennessee - Lane Kiffin is probably pretty happy. The Tide rolled into Knoxville and beat a Volunteers team that looks like they will be a dreg of the SEC for the foreseeable future.
Alabama 34, Tennessee 20. LOSS

South Carolina (+19.5) at #5 Auburn - This game gave me pause to how good Auburn is. Giving up 35 points to the Gamecocks is way too many. And that South Carolina defense is more than suspect. A half-way decent defensive team with some offense could give Auburn trouble.
South Carolina 35, Auburn 42. WIN

Week 9 Results:
6 Wins
1 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 86.6%
Home Record: 4-0-0
Road Record: 2-1-0
Favorites: 3-1-0
Underdogs: 3-0-0

Overall Results:
26 Wins
42 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 38.6%
Home Record: 16-22-2
Road Record: 10-20-0
Favorites: 15-35-2
Underdogs: 11-12-0 

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