Friday, July 21, 2006

Good win against the Rangers

So Schilling is now 12 and 3. Not a great pitching performance yesterday, but a typical Schill gutsy battle to keep the Sox in it; 7 full inninings of work one walk, 6 strike outs and 10 hits. Ortiz with a rare day off, and Youkilis hitting third. Personally I don't think it matters where he is in the line up, he's going to get on a couple times a game. I think yester points to the Sox depth, as far as position players. 3 back up guys making starts yesterday, Kapler, Pena, and Cora, and I still have the feeling at the start of the game that our chances of getting the win are good.

I've got to say I love the XM guys. I was able to listen to the game last night all the way home from work with out having the channel hope for the best signal, and I was able to keep track of the Yankee game last night on the way home from bowling. By the way I'm taking credit for the 4 runs Toronto had in the 6th inning. Let me explain, on Wednesday I called A-Fraud out, see my earlier post for details, so he must have read that, and the pressure got to him you see, knowing I was on to him, and that's what triggered the bone headed decision to try to get the runner at home with a 3-0 lead. That throw went over the catcher's head all the way to the back stop leading to the 4 runs.

Zeb this blog just may win the division for the Sox!!!!


TrotRocks said...

Agreed, this blog will save the Sox.

As much as ARod is an is weird how he sucks at times. he is a great player.

Willie Mo!!!

Zebster said...

I'll take it, Cuz.
I miss my XM. It's the one part of working 16-18 hours in a bread truck that I miss.
Right now I don't listen to it much.

LittleCuz said...

I've been checking out the accessories for XM Zeb, I see they have a home adapter for the Roadie XT, but I haven't seen one for the older version like you have.

I use my xm2go all over the place. I even use it to listen to the game when I'm mowing the lawn. I have to clip the reciever to the back of my hat to get good reception, that has to look odd to passers by, but it works.