Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A wacky win

Good V last night, if a bit of a strange one. After jumping out to an early lead due to some back to back long ball by Manny and Trot (yes, I said Trot - I know it's hard to believe), Schilling pitched well overall but left after six with somewhat less than a comfortable lead. DelCarmen came in for the 7th and struggled, loading the bases and surrendering a run before getting out of it in strong fashion. We blew it wide open again in the eighth, capped off by a bases clearing 2B by Varitek which had Trot coming around from first and scoring on a close play at the plate after ignoring Hale's stop sign. Nice aggressive hustle from the hillbilly there. Youk, Crisp, Lowell and Loretta all had 3 hits, and - I can't believe I'm saying this - Seanez actually looked sharp in the ninth, ringing up Kotsay with a filthy deuce. 13-5, on 18 hits. Not too shabby.
Other notable moments:
A nice 5-4-3 DP from deep in the hole at 3rd.
A priceless meltdown by A's relief pitcher Duscherer who got tossed after bitching about some calls that didn't go his way, prompting a very heated argument with the home plate ump. I see a healthy fine looming for this one.
Sauerbeck leaving the game suddenly in the 8th with an injury, causing about a 10 minute delay while the replacement took his sweet time warming up. You don't see that very often.
A very interesting game, indeed.

And how about them Twins? They are playing unbelievable ball, which shouldn't come as a surprise to Sox fans after we took it in the shorts and got swept last month. They certainly seem as if they'll be a player in the wild card stakes.

Finally, has anyone heard anything about why Harold Reynolds is suddenly no longer employed at ESPN? I've always thought he was an exceptional analyst with a great demeanor - it's too bad to see him go. He's been there for 11 years doing everything from Baseball Tonight to college and little league world series. Something must have happened because it all seems quite sudden.

Afternoon game today, boys. Let's go for the sweep!


LittleCuz said...

All I could find on Reynolds was 2 stories, reporting he was fired but stating that an ESPN spokesman, while confirming the dismissal, refused to give reasons why. I did find some rumors on a news group, here's the link Harold Reynolds

Read the post and make your own desisions of course....

Zebster said...

All I saw about Reynolds was the ticker at the bottom saying he left unexpectedly or abruptly or something. (personal stuff maybe?)

Nice write-up. The kid who got thrown out had a beef in that he threw about 3 straight pitches that could've gone either way and got none of them, but that stuff happens.

Zebster said...

Interesting that, Cuz. People may want to know but don't have a need or right. This is the kind of thing that peeves me off about rumor mills.
ESPN could've kept that from happening by making a statement, though their ticker didn't say he was fired. So what if he left for personal reasons and that's why they've made no statement, then the stupid rumor mill says unfounded crap like that.

LittleCuz said...

I agree totally with you Zeb. I threw that out there because, as you pointed out, in the absence of fact the public will create them and this a good example. One interesting reply I saw to the post was asking about why people were emailing information to this guy.

As you know from bros situation, mis-information can make a persons life hell. I hope, if nothing else, the rumors of this nature will prompt either or both ESPN and Reynolds to perform a cranial-rectectimy and publish a statement. The common one here for VIPS that are canned is that the person is leaving to spend more time with family. This keeps the rumors to a minimum, while not divulging any information.

LittleCuz said...

Here is a story where Reynolds responds to the sexual harrassment charge: Rebuttal

It appears the news group guy was right......who knew.....

TrotRocks said...

Good win and good review A-hole. Iloved the shot of all 3 guys running toward home. As Big Papi hits home, Manny is 10 ft behind and Trot is coming around third - good stuff.

I love Harold Reynolds. If he and Gammons were the only analyst left, I would be very happy. EEI is report sexual harrassment. The reason for ESPN being mum could be through some negotiation with Harold?

Now on to Sean "freaking" McDonough. He is on EEI with Holly. I hate this guy. I think he is a prick. He has been whining about how Orsilo "sounds" like him (as if Don had a choice on how his voice sounds) he claims that Don steals his ways of describing the games events, etc... If the Bald Prick could keep he mouth shut and just call games, I would never of had a problem with him, but he always babbles about non game crap, spends more time ripping his cohost, than providing good game calling... whatever, i was just irritated and thought I would whine.

Zebster said...

Whine away, Bro. Maybe the subject of a blog post?
I hope the hell ESPN had more than Reynold's version to can him.
Sexual harassment is simply wrong; but if someone gives someone else an innocent hug, a complaint should not get you canned (unless there's a history)

AA said...

I don't have the limk but I read that Reynolds claims that it was a misunderstanding and would like to get his job back. If the rumors are legitimate, well, maybe he did deserve to be let go. I'm hoping that's not the case because he is one of the cornerstones of that crew.