Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sean McDonough Rant

At Zebster suggestion, the following is extracted from a comment that I had to AA Post about last night's game.

Tell me I am wrong, that's fine, but he irritates me. MamaJoan can't take him either.

"Now on to Sean "freaking" McDonough. He is on EEI with Holly. I hate this guy. I think he is a prick. He has been whining about how Orsilo "sounds" like him (as if Don had a choice on how his voice sounds) he claims that Don steals his ways of describing the games events, etc... If the Bald Prick could keep he mouth shut and just call games, I would never of had a problem with him, but he always babbles about non game crap, spends more time ripping his cohost than providing good game calling... whatever, i was just irritated and thought I would whine. "


AA said...

I couldn't agree more - McDonough sucks. He's somewhere around the McCarver/Morgan/Berman level of the announcer food chain, and I don't miss him whatsoever.
After a couple of so-so years finding his voice, I happen to think Orsillo has become a pretty damn good play-by-play guy. He and Jerry have a good rapport, he's knowledgable, and he doesn't really spout off about irrelevant stuff too much. (Except, of course, when he and Remy get cracking up about something, which is usually very amusing.)

LittleCuz said...

Sean McDonough is an idiot!!!! I couldn't stand him then, I can't stand him now. He talks as if he actually played the game at the pro level, which he didn't. The thing I like about Orsillo, is he doesn't take himself too seriously, the complete opposite of McDonough. Orsillo with actually ask Remy, "What's it like to be in this situation from a player stand point?". Not McDonough the idiot actually tries to talk as if he knows what it's like. Complete moron!!!!

For what it's worth, Dad can't stand him either.....

Zebster said...

I haven't seen or heard him in a while. When is he doing Sox games. There's enough good announcers out there that arrogance can be done w/out.