Friday, July 21, 2006

What if... or As if..., as the case may be

If I beat anyone to punch on chatting about the What if... 2003 ALCS deal on NESN... all I can say is Waaah.

I won't be long, but I watched the end of it and have some thoughts. The ending seems plausable. 80% of the time they ran the simulating from the 8th inning on, the Sox won. What was funny, was that the anal-ysis geek said they ran "only" 20 runs where Pedro was left in. I think they said that the Sox won 75% of those? hmmmmm Oh the sample is much smaller... I think the whole thing is weak, but fun and I took it for what it was. They also said that Aaron "freaking" Boone never enter the game in any scenario they ran! hahahaha

A couple of random thoughts....Big Papi was "Medium" Papi is 2003; forgot that. Manny and Damon didn't look like rock stars....I miss Mueller...I forgot how close they really were!!!! Ugh. I think they have better team this year.


AA said...

I don't know. I was switching between that and the Yankees game and caught the very end. My initial thought was "What if... they fire the moron who came up with this silly idea?" It seemed that one of the major factors in coming up with a plausible scenario was finding the appropriate footage to make it seem real. In other words, it was only made possible by selective editing, and done pretty poorly at that. I guess it's an interesting idea in theory but ultimately kind of pointless. It just seemed pretty sloppy.

LittleCuz said...

I avoided it all together, no interest in "What Ifs....." I guess. They had it on in the bar at the bowling alley last night, I saw it was on and went back to cheer on the team mates....

Zebster said...

The what-if is pretty clear anyway. It's very likely we would've won that game. But then there's always the chance that what happened in the WS to Yanks would've happened to us.
It's not like that was game 7 of the WS.
Do the sim on the '86 WS w/out the Stanley WP and put Stapleton at first, what happens then? Still doesn't put that trophy in the cabinet.