Monday, July 31, 2006

J.W. Dundee Sampler 12 Pack

I tried a new variety pack this last week end. I took it up to share with Dad. This 12 Pack had 3 each of J.W. Dundees Pale Ale, Hefe Wiesen, Amber Lager and Honey Brown Lager.

The Wiesen was excellent, of course I have a soft spot for it, with 2 plus years in Germany hefe wiesen is a sentimental favorite, and I can't remember not liking one. This one had a nice flavor, good color and the short after taste I like. I'm not a big one on long after taste. If I want to taste it again, I'll burp. (Ok it's gross, but admit it you laughed). The wiesen was one of those beers that was as good a little warm as it was cold.

The Honey Brown Lager was good too, though, unlike the wiesen, better ice cold than luke warm. It had a nice sweet flavor, that made it a good sipper brew, but don't take too long.

The Amber Lager was nothing special, a good brew for a hot day to quench the thirst, it had more flavor than Bud, but that doesn't take much.

The Pale Ale I left for last as I'm not a use fan of Pale Ales, I find them ok, but not to my tastes usually. So I hesitate to say it was a good Pale Ale, but I did like this one. Since Dad went back for the last one, I'm assuming he thought it worth the time. Of course it could just be it was handy, you all know Dad.


Zebster said...

You actually got him to drink something stronger than caramel-colored water? You tell him I said that too. LOL
Here's a link to the brews that Robbie's blogged about that I mentioned in a comment below.

LittleCuz said...

Oh Dad likes to try the good stuff once in awhile, but he likes the domestic(MGD, Coors, Rolling Rock) for every day consumption. But I'll pass that along.....

David said...

I haven't had much opportunity to sample any new brews lately, but I did run into a little bit of good fortune.

Friends of ours moved to Florida on Friday, and the night before they emptied out their fridge of the new unopened goods and brought them over to us. well....lo and behold....a sixer of Sammy's Summer Ale!


Zebster said...

Dave, would I be wrong in thinking that Charleston would be a hotbed of craftbrews?
One of these days we'll have to figure out a way for me to try the stuff you've brewed.
Bro, FYI, that's Dave from the Nascar board, who lives in SC by way of Detroit, MI.

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