Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mixing Sports and Politics

Charles Barkley is thinking of running for Governer in Alabama according to this Fox News report: Barkley for Gov

So what do you guys think of sports figures running for office. There have been a few that made successful runs, but Barkley just doesn't strike me as a politician, quite frankly he's too damn honest and straight forward. He speaks his mind and doesn't care who hears it. Quite frankly I like those characteristics, but they tend to doom politicians.

I'm curious to see how you guys wiegh in on this. Perhaps this will be the oppurtunity for the man from DC to offer his opinion.......

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Zebster said...

He's talked about this in years past. My understanding is that he's changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat recently.
It can happen...Jesse Ventura would be an example of someone who got elected either because or inspite of the fact he speaks his mind honestly.