Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just Manny being Manny....

There was story in yesterdays Boston Globe that talked some of Manny's stats. What they did was to take a split before the All-Star break as opposed to after the All-star break, then also home versus away. These numbers are for his carreer, not just with the Sox.

Before All-Star break: .314 BA, .409 on-base, .598 slugging
After All-Star break: .314 BA, .411 on-base, .601 slugging

Home: .313 BA, .413 on-base, .608 slugging
Away: .314 BA, .407 on-base, .591 slugging

I don't know how much more consistant, you can read that as reliable if you like, a guy can be. It just re-enforces what we already know, Manny is going to perform all year, every year. I just found these interesting, it would be interesting to see how other top hitters stack up in these areas. As we all know Vlad won an MVP the year before last basically in the last month of the season. I know I thought Manny would get the votes that year based on his year long play, I wonder if anyone even looks at these stats when looking at MVP candidates.


Zebster said...

Good stuff. I thought he was always a little hotter in the 2nd half.

TrotRocks said...

Wow. He has unreal stats!