Saturday, October 27, 2012

10 College Football Predictions - Week 9

The point spreads got me last week.  I expected the big names to come through and they didn't for me.  I am 5 games under the breakeven mark and time is starting to run out.  But I am expecting a big week since I am real warm with prognostigation since Thursday night.  The Bucs-Vikings NFL game got my groove back on and I have been seeing things clearly the past 48 hours.  So it is time to get back to the winning ways that I had the previous weeks and get a little bit of pride back.

1.  Tennessee (+13.5) at South Carolina - I don't know what is going on between Conner Shaw and the 'Ol Ball Coach down at South Carolina, but they need to figure it out.  Yes, Shaw isn't that gunslinger that everybody thought he was, but then you change the offense to fit what he does.  Tennessee isn't that good, but they should be able to hang somewhat close.
WIN   South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35

2.  Texas (-19) at Kansas - This isn't a game that I would want to watch.  Texas is hot and cold.  Let's say that Kansas isn't hot at all.  I expect a sloppy game with the Longhorns talent shining through at the end and another blowout loss for the Jayhawks.  I don't believe that Charlie Weis will forget these losses after he starts bringing in better talent to Lawrence.
LOSS  Texas 21, Kansas 17

3.  UCLA at Arizona St. (-6.5) - I believe that the Sun Devils are the second best team in the PAC-12 South.  They should be able to defeat the Bruins this year, but the future is bright for Los Angeles's 2nd college team.
LOSS  UCLA 45, Arizona St. 43

4.  Florida (-6.5) at Georgia - Sometime in my life, I want to attend this game.  Not for the actual game, but all the partying associated with it.  Anyways the Gators have proven that they are the best team in the East and this is the game that they prove it.
LOSS  Georgia 17, Florida 9

5.  Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7.5) - I expect a high scoring game here.  Klein for K-State is a Heisman hopeful and has powered that Wildcat offense.  The Red Raiders are coming off a tough loss at home to LSU.  This could be a letdown game for K State after that hype filled game at West Virginia last week.
WIN  Kansas St. 55, Texas Tech 24

6.  Michigan State at Wisconsin (-6) - Two teams that haven't performed up to the preseason expectations.  Wisconsin has finally come around and is starting to perform well.  The Spartans have been inconsistant and you never know what you are going to get.  I am going with the Badgers and the team that still has big bowl game hopes.
LOSS  Michigan State 16, Wisconsin 13 (OT)

7.  Boise State (-16) at Wyoming - The Broncos took a step back this year with their offense not having Kellen Moore.  However, they are still a very good football team.  And that team should be able to take care of the Cowboys.
WIN  Boise State 45, Wyoming 14

8.  Ohio State (-1) at Penn State - The game of the teams under NCAA sanction in the Big Ten.  You have to give credit to Bill O'Brien and the job that he has done with this Penn State team.  He has shocked 95% of the people that follow college football with the product that he has put out there.  However, on the opposing sideline is Urban Meyer.  The more decorated coach who is in the Big Ten right now.  Expect Meyer to squeak by with a win with this flawed Buckeye team.
WIN  Ohio State 35, Penn State 23

9.  Notre Dame at Oklahoma (-12.5) - The luck of the Irish has been running throughout this year.  How they have stayed undefeated is a mystery to me.  Well, that ends here.  Oklahoma has the better talent and won't be awed by the mystique of the Irish.  With the game being played down in Norman, I am thinking that this could be a 20-24 point shellacking by the Sooners.
LOSS  Notre Dame 30, Oklahoma 13

10.  Mississippi State at Alabama (-23) - Everybody is saying that the Tide will be tested the most this year so far with the Bulldogs coming to town.  Maybe that is the case, however the test won't be that tough.  I expect the Tide to roll into next week and the showdown with LSU.
WIN  Alabama 38, Mississippi State 7

Last Week Results:

Overall: 4-6
Road Favorite: 2-2
Road Underdog:  0-1
Home Favorite: 2-2
Home Underdog: 0-1

Yearly Record:

Overall: 38-43-1
Road Favorite: 9-16
Road Underdog: 13-8
Home Favorite: 15-14-1
Home Underdog: 1-5

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