Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Few Things...

First, a few things I'm missing:  I'm missing the NHL and the Boston Bruins most of all.  Can't you folks figure this out for the good of the game -- hell, for the survival of the game.  NESN was showing a tape delayed broadcast of a game from Eastern Europe, I suppose,  because Zdeno Chara was playing.  Good grief!  I didn't watch.

I'm missing the Red Sox in the playoffs.  Well, I am.  That doesn't make me selfish or not recognizing how lucky we've been but a horrible season on the heels of an epic collapse last fall heightens that a little.

A few things I'd like to see:  I'd like to see Kasey Kahne win this or any Sprint Cup Championship.  That's unlikely to happen this year.  So I'd like to see anyone other than Jimmy Johnson win it but while we're at it I'd love to see Brad Keselowski win it since he's driving a Dodge and this is Dodge's last year (AGAIN) in NASCAR.  I know I haven't talked about this but I am very disappointed that Dodge and NASCAR couldn't find a way to keep Dodge in the sport.  I don't know if I shared this article (I don't think so) but there was a great opinion article I saw on several months ago where the author suggested that Dodge could be the chosen manufacturer of all the little teams in the sport, and I think the Pettys still qualify and they could have been the engine builder perhaps.  But I don't think the Pettys wanted to take a step backwards at this time, and Dodge couldn't apparently lure an anchor team.  So I'd love to see Dodge go out with their first championship since the '70s.  I'll add this too:  You have no idea how much I'd love to see the 43 in victory lane again.

And lastly, a few things -- nah, really just one.  I'd like to live long enough to see the Yankees run out of luck.  You bench ARod for a pinch hitter, who immediately ties the game with a homerun, only to hit another homer in the 12th inning to win it.  You wouldn't believe that was possible, until you heard it was the Yankees who did it and it doesn't sound impossible anymore.  That shit doesn't work for other certainly doesn't work seemingly every year for nearly 100 years.

Feel free to add to any of these categories in the comments.  Did I say I miss the NHL?  Guess I'll be writing (albeit very little) about the Portland Pirates and the Maine Black Bears this winter.


Anonymous said...

Zeb, please don't die this weekend. The Yankees might run out of luck in Game 5. :-)

I miss hockey, but I'm content to kick the NHL to the curb. I'll write about it this weekend in greater detail.

Brent said...

@#%^&$##$$! The yankees didn't run out of luck in Game 5.

And as for hockey, the Center Ice package that I was going to invest in will not be brought to my house. And both sides of this stupid lockout need to look at themselves in the mirror and decide to do what is best for the sport and sttle this now.