Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dallas Ice Girls - Pontoon Video

Cheerleaders have way too much time on their hands.  And of course it is the southern teams whose cheerleaders have fun with making music videos to big hit songs.  This time it is from Dallas, where the Stars Ice Girls did a video to Little Big Town's "Pontoon".  It isn't as good as the Tampa Bay Bucs or the Miami Dolphins videos, but what do you expect from cheerleaders of a hockey team.  Especially from Dallas.

Hockey has to be the worse sport for cheerleaders.  They can't cheer together during the game because there is no place to stand.  Then during intermission they can't be out on the ice because of resurfacing.  So they get to cheer before the game and be ambassadors during the game.  Such a waste


Zebster said...

Short cut-offs are so underrated. I think the Bruins have a couple of girls who throw out swag during intermission. I could be wrong but I don't think they have anything resembling cheerleaders.

Anonymous said...

At least they had something to do during this lockout. Can't say the same with most of their players.

DC Homer said...

The Caps have the "Red Rockers" who don't show skin. Instead of short-shorts or "ho' suits," they're "post-puberty" (18-21) girls who wear spandex and tight tee's. And the only thing they do is fling swag and hang out with 'Screech' the mascot.

But I have one observation on these Dallas "Ice Girls".....(a-hem)...where are the Black/Hispanic/Asian girls?? Is sexual objectification restricted to White girls only in the NHL?

I think I had this chat with you, Z, in Beantown: Where are the Hispanics in hockey? The Asians in basketball? Blacks in hockey? Everyone's into boxing and soccer, but when it comes the American big 4 (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB)--is this our last bastion of racial segregation?

Just saying....

DC Homer said...

I may sound like I've surrendered my "man card" when I make this comment, but I have absolutely NO USE for cheerleaders--period! In fact, whenever I go to a Skins game, I find myself getting a little pissed when I see these self-exploiting, grown women objectifying themselves in their REALLY short, and REALLY, REALLY tight tops, wiggling and jiggling.

Now, please dig what I'm talking about: At FedEx Field, the vast majority of those in the stands can't see these girls when they're doing their thing on the field--you need binos to check 'em out, and if you're spending time doing that, you're guaranteed to miss what you really paid for with that ticket.

But what's starting to gall me is a third of the people in the stadium these days are kids! I mean "kid" type kids, 6-12 yrs old. After that, 50% of the people in the stands are women! So, are these ho's there ONLY for the benefit of a bunch of prepubescent boys; a bunch of drunk, horny frat guys; a bunch of cheating married men, or a bunch of old geezers who've passed by Viagra? Or, are they there to tease the lesbians?


Okay, I'm at the Skins/Vikings game and there's a drunk, female Skins fan two rows in front of me. She stands up and jerks up her "skinny" jeans--right in front of the guy directly in front of me. This guy is with his daughter (about 8 yrs old)--he (slyly) pulls out his cell phone and starts taking pics of the jeans hiking up her crack (she's really giving everyone behind her a show). Suddenly, I can't help but watch this guy's demeanor with his own daughter. He's really just being a good dad, but after watching his skill at voyeurism, I'm wondering if there's "something" between him and his daughter!! Then 10 minutes later (during a time out), I noticed he's looking at some pics on his cell--THEY'RE PORN!! I mean it, straight up butt-nekkid women on his phone, sitting right next to his daughter.

And my mind goes right back to: What the f*ck is the point of those cheerleaders? Then I look at this guy and I have my answer.....