Saturday, October 20, 2012

More like a sigh of relief

Yeah, I cheered to learn the Yankees lost (and certainly felt a little glee that they were swept) but for me and I think most Red Sox fans it's more a sigh of relief that they aren't going to win yet again.  There were plenty of things leading up to their loss to the Tigers that had all the earmarks of a typical Yankee post season run that made us here feel like, "Oh, here we go again!"

Let's enumerate:
  • They go from barely making the playoffs to winning the Division and then having the best record in the AL thanks to the Rangers' collapse.
  • They end up in an AL field with the Tigers, Orioles, A's and Rangers.  If you're a Yankee fan or fan of any other team really, do any of those teams scare you going into the playoffs?  NOPE. 
  • Then the Orioles do the Yankees a favor by seemingly beating the only team capable of beating them.
  • Then you see the typical and expected Yankee magic start happening in the series with the Orioles, most famously a pinch hit HR to tie a game and then the same guy wins it in extra innings with a grand slam.  Paaahlease, that stuff doesn't happen to other franchises but once in a century but stuff like that happens for the Yankees a few times a decade, at least.
So don't necessarily mischaracterize that big sigh of relief as reveling in your rival's misfortune bad play.  And if you're from someplace else, you may not understand; but here it's ALMOST as good seeing them lose as us winning, meaning if we're not going to win, it makes it much more palatable when they don't also.  Put another way:  I don't mind if we don't win a championship as long as they don't win yet another.


Brent said...

I know I became a Tigers fan when the American League Championship Series started.

Anonymous said...

I cry every time Justin Verlander takes the mound. The Padres chose Matt "Bleeping" Bush over him with the first overall pick.