Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Week 4 "Pick 'Em" Winner: JIM, JIM, JIM!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jim for being our dominant BoSox Tavern NFL “Pick ‘Em” Week 4 Champ with 12 wins!  YEA!!   Had it not been for the Lions and Seahawks jamming up Shelly’s mojo, Jim would have smoked the field!!  So, the golden ring goes to Jim this week.  Zeb and Shelly are now tied for the overall points lead (total wins) with 37 picks each.    

I don’t have much to say in the form of commentary since the regular refs showed up, made almost all the right calls, making this week kinda boring in the replay/controversy department.  I kinda liked the unpredictability of the replacement zebras.  

My Skins are back in the “win” column…barely!  (“Hey coach!  Ever heard of this thing called ‘going for it?!’”)   But who am I to complain, we won, right?
Now, I'm just waiting for my Tampon Spray Yuckaneers blog challenge post!  BK, where ya at?

So, this week’s results are: 

THIS WEEK’S RESULTS:                                                                       SCORES:
- Jim:                   12 wins                                                          Ravens: 23         Browns:  16
- Brent:              11 wins                                                          Redskins: 24      Buccaneers: 23
- Rick:                11 wins                                                          Falcons: 30          Panthers: 28
- Shelly:             11 wins                                                          Patriots: 52         Bills: 28
- AA:                   10 wins                                                          Vikings: 20          Lions: 13
- Zeb:                  9 wins                                                            Chargers: 37       Chiefs: 20
- Robbie:           9 wins                                                            Rams: 19              Seahawks: 13
- George:           9 wins                                                            49ers: 34              Jets: 0
                                                                                                        Texans: 38           Titans: 14
                         STANDINGS:                                                   Broncos: 37        Raiders: 6
   Weekly Wins                      Points                                    Cardinals: 24      Dolphins: 21
- Zeb:                  1                  Zeb:              37                         Bengals: 27         Jaguars: 10
- Shelly:             1                  Shelly:          37                         Packers: 28         Saints: 27
- George:           1                  Brent:           36                         Eagles: 19           Giants: 17
- Jim:                   1                  Jim:               35                         Bears: 34             Cowboys: 18
- Aaron:             0                  Rick:             35                                       
- Robbie:           0                  AA:                34                                                      
- Rick:                 0                 Robbie:        32
- Brent:              0                  George:       31

Time to get your picks in for next week (Week 5):

ARI/STL           ATL/WAS        MIA/CIN           GB/IND             BAL/KC             TEN/MIN
CLE/NYG          PHI/PIT            SEA/CAR          CHI/JAX            DEN/NE           BUF/SF
SD/NO               HOU/NYJ  (Monday) 

BYEs:  Tampa Bay, Detroit, Oakland, Dallas


Zebster said...

Congrats Buff, and Shelly's somehow right there. She's embarassing us, boys. Ouch, Tampon Bay Yuckaneers. Bwahaha

Anonymous said...

Nice going! I haven't seen this year's stats but I must be in last place, right?

DC Homer said...

You're not alone, we're hugging the well bottom together! :-)

Brent said...

Oh, the Blueskins post is almost ready. Just dealing with a few issues here. But Thursday night, Friday morning, it will be up.