Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cowboy's Stadium

So I went to see the Cowboys play the Bears last Monday night. For those that have never been, the place is huge. It looks like no other sports arena. It looks like something from a Star Trek episode or Star Wars.

We had nose bleed seats - two rows from the top. We were with moths and floodlights. The screen was a sight to see. From our seats it just looked big, but from mid level, it looked crazy - overwhelming almost.

The game itself wasn't all that good in the first half. Romo fixed that in the second half. We didnt stay for the fourth.

Other thoughts on the place. The pro shops were huge. They only serve Miller beers, which I should psyched about, but they did serve my favorite High Life:).

One last thing. Circ du soliel was performing at the entrance... Not sure what to make of that.


Zebster said...

Great pics, Bro. Nothing shows how big it is than pics from the top. Glad you and AA had a good time and see the Cowgirls lose.

Anonymous said...

That scoreboard is crazy big and probably the main reason why companies are pushing 90" TVs for that in-game experience from your living room sofa.

I was glad to see Romo in December form a few months early.