Tuesday, October 09, 2012

GIRL POWER!! Shelly Wins Week 5 Pick 'Em!

CONGRATULATIONS (again) to Shelly for being our dominant BoSox Tavern NFL “Pick ‘Em” Week 5 Champ with 13 wins!  YEA!!   Had it not been for a pretty poor showing by the Pack this week (losing to the Colts), Shelly would have run the table, making testosterone highly overrated!  (smile)  So, Shelly’s got her mojo back and giving the fellas what fer!  With this week’s win, Shelly has the outright lead in all categories:  This Week’s Win (13), Total Wins (50), Weekly Wins (2)! 

Once again, with the Skins being on the losing end (as usual), I don’t have much to say in the form of commentary, except unless RGIII is unable to answer the bell for Round 6, we may have to turn to our other “RG3” (Rex Grossman, 3rd String), since Cousins couldn’t handle the pressure down the stretch. 

Sooooo….how about those Nationals!!!  And whether or not the umps did the right thing in that Braves/Cardinals game, the one good thing that came from it is—we don’t have to listen to that annoying tomahawk chant for the next two months! 

THIS WEEK’S RESULTS:                                                                       SCORES:
- Shelly:             13 wins                                                          Rams: 17               Cardinals:  3
- Rick:                 11 wins                                                          Ravens: 9               Chiefs: 6
- Brent:              10 wins                                                          Giants: 41              Browns: 27
- Robbie:           10 wins                                                          Steelers: 16          Eagles: 14
- AA:                   10 wins                                                           Colts: 30                 Packers: 27
- Jim:                  9 wins                                                             Falcons: 24           Redskins: 17
- Zeb:                 9 wins                                                             Dolphins: 17        Bengals: 13
- George:           7 wins                                                             49ers: 45               Bills: 3 
                                                                                                         Vikings: 30           Titans: 7
                         STANDINGS:                                                    Seahawks: 16      Panthers: 12
   Weekly Wins                      Points                                    Bears: 41               Jaguars: 3
- Shelly:             2            Shelly:                50                         Patriots: 31          Broncos: 21
- Zeb:                  1            Rick:                   46                         Saints: 31              Chargers: 24
- George:           1            Zeb:                     46                         Texans: 23             Jets:  17
- Jim:                   1            Brent:                 46                        
- Aaron:             0            Jim:                      44                                       
- Robbie:           0            AA:                       44                                                      
- Rick:                 0            Robbie:              42
- Brent:              0            George:              38

Time to get your picks in for next week (Week 6):

PIT/TEN           STL/MIA          DAL/BAL         CIN/CLE           DET/PHI          KC/TB
IND/NYJ           OAK/ATL         BUF/ARZ          NE/SEA            NYG/SF             MIN/WAS
GB/HOU            DEN/SD (Monday Nite)

BYE WEEK:  Carolina, Chicago, Jacksonville, New Orleans


Zebster said...

My goodness, lads, she's up on us by at least 4 points in only 5 weeks. This is football...we can't let a chick beat us!

Anonymous said...

Shelly's really, really good at this. Congrats!

Shel said...

Thanks, George! Who knew?? Maybe my next job should be a NFL talking head... is there any money in that profession?

Come on guys you are making it easy for me to look so good! Step up, strap a pair on and get those picks in!!! I did! LOL

tpubgu said...

Good job, Shelly, with your win. Only one miss for the week. You should be in Vegas.

Brent said...

Keep talkin, Shelly. Remember, there are 17 weeks of football. You are only 1/3 of the way there. A nice 8-6 week for you could get your name off the top of the standings. However, a 13-1 record for the week deserves some applause. My hat is off to you.