Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 5

After 5 weeks, college football is starting to look like it is going to be a wild ride to qualify for the 1st playoff held to determine a national champion. Teams are making wild comebacks and holding on by the skin of their teeth (looking at you Florida State). Each and every contender has a flaw that can be exploited. The next two months will be crazy as everybody tries to come out on top.

If you look at the 5 power conferences, there are 6 teams that have losing records after this weekend. Vanderbilt, Michigan, Wake Forest, Iowa State, Washington State, and Colorado. The SEC East looks like it is a disaster after South Carolina lost to Missouri. The Pac-12 doesn't look powerful and the ACC outside of Florida State might not have a true Top 25 team.

And finally, I hit .500 for the week. Each and every week, I have improved my win total. Now that needs to continue to happen so I can bring up my 37% winning percentage for the year. It is starting to look like my underdog picks might be the strongest subsection of my picks yet again.

Wyoming at #9 Michigan State (-28.5) - The Spartans showed that they were faster, stronger, and more talented than the Cowboys. If Michigan State plays like this throughout the rest of the season, they will probably run through their Big 10 schedule and be a contender for a place in the playoffs. Wyoming 14, Michigan State 56. WIN

#1 Florida State (-18) at North Carolina State - The Seminoles slept walked through the first half of this game. I am still trying to figure out if they have used up all nine of their lives this year. The defense isn't playing up to their potential.
Florida State 56, NC State 41. LOSS

Arkansas at #6 Texas A&M (-10) - Arkansas has lost their last 10 SEC games. And yet, the media still refers to them as possible contenders. Talk about hyping a conference way above and beyond where it should be. The Aggies did get lucky in this game, but pulled it out in the end.
Arkansas 28, Texas A&M 35 (OT). LOSS

Louisiana Tech at #5 Auburn (-33.5) - The Auburn Tigers are the bane of my existance when picking games against the spread. The oddsmakers have that line right where the final margin shows up. With Auburn, I get burned. Not the best SEC team out there, but Auburn keeps on winning.
Louisiana Tech 17, Auburn 45. LOSS

Memphis at #10 Mississippi (-21) - Ole Miss won this game rather easily. Now let's see what happens when they have a distraction. ESPN's College Gameday is rolling in next week. And the Rebels now have another bragging point against Mississippi State. Gameday hasn't visited the Mississippi State campus to do a show. Now the only SEC team that can say that.
Memphis 3, Mississippi 24. TIE

#8 Notre Dame (-10) at Syracuse - I don't believe in the Irish. Syracuse is not a team that should hang this close with the #8 team in the land. In a couple of weeks, Notre Dame gets to play the Seminoles which should expose the Golden Domers as frauds. Until then, it is a nice story coming out of South Bend.
Notre Dame 31, Syracuse 15. WIN

#7 Baylor at Iowa State (+22) - The Baylor/Oklahoma game is looking like it will be the defacto Big 12 title game. If both teams can win the rest of their games, the winner makes the playoffs and the loser will still get a January bowl game as a reward.
Baylor 49, Iowa State 28. WIN

Week 5 Results:
3 Wins
3 Losses
Winning Percentage: 50.0%
Home Record: 2-2-1
Road Record: 1-1-0
Favorites: 2-3-1
Underdogs: 1-0-0

Overall Results:
12 Wins
21 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 37.1%
Home Record: 8-13-2
Road Record: 4-8-0
Favorites: 7-15-2
Underdogs: 5-6-0

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