Thursday, June 29, 2006

11 straight and counting...

This is a good time to be a Sox fan, boys. Every aspect of their game (with the possible exception of any appearance by Seanez or Tavarez) has been top notch. The hitters are clicking 1-9 and the starting pitching has been superb. And the defense... hard to believe. Hell - Manny threw Reyes out at the plate a couple of nights ago. I expect tonight's matchup to be what was predicted for last night, and more. Glavine is having a stellar year and you know Schilling will be at the top of his game. (Sorry to gloat, I'll be there in the bleachers to see it unfold.)
Can we make it 12 and sweep the hottest team in the NL in the process?


Zebster said...

We certainly can but odds are getting against us obviously, and Curt's probably due for a bad game. But here's hoping for a pitcher's duel tonight. Last night, though easy on the emotions, was a let down from a pure baseball enjoyment standpoint.

LittleCuz said...

I agree Zeb. Last night wasn't at all what I expected. It seems that Pedro's head wasn't in the game from the beginning, as evidenced by the mental error in the first inning when he failed to turn the easy double play.

I have hopes that tonight's game will be much better to watch, of course I won't see the whole thing as I have bowling tonight so I'll be in and out of the bar.

As for Manny and his defense, in my opinion, he's under rated. He's the quickest when getting the ball back to the infield and while he doesn't have a great arm, he is accurate. It suprises me that teams continue to run so blatantly on him. Granted he can be spacey at times, but it doesn't usually come in the middle of a play.

AA said...

Make that 12!: Notes from the Thunderground

Things started looking up after an unspeakably ridiculous commute to the game (13 miles=1:45) when I noticed that we were sitting in Section 43, Row 7. "Section 43" being the title of one of the absolute masterpieces of psychedelia (Country Joe & the Fish for those of you keeping score at home) and Row 7 meaning that I would be close enough, if so inclined, to spit in Billy Wagner's eye, well, things couldn't get much better. Hell - Schilling and Glavine were facing off.
After 5 innings of great pitching, Schilling surrendered a two run dinger to Beltran, giving the Mets
a 2-0 lead. Thinking that things nowlooked pretty bleak based on Glavine's strong performance thus far, the hometown nine came back strong with a rare Loretta HR and another run scored. 2-2 after six.
After Schilling blanked them in the seventh, Crisp led off with a beautiful bunt, gaining second on a subsequent steal. A-Gon next at the plate also bunts and Crisp is at 3rd with only one out. Youkilis poked a sac. fly to left and we left the inning with a 3-2 lead after seven. Great baseball here: If someone can cite me an example of back to back successful bunts yielding a man at 3rd with one out, i'd like to hear about it.
The Mets plated the 8th against Timlin. With 2 outs, Beltran lined a base hit. Next up, David Wright launched a shot to center that was certainly a run-scoring gap shot. All of the sudden, Coco leaps, lunges, and stabs the tailing bullet, impossibly keeping it in his glove. Friends, this was the single most amazing defensive play I have ever witnessed - that is not hyperbole. (I watched the replay on TV when I got home and proudly maintain that statement.) That would have almost certainly tied the game, so it's timliness ("Timlin"ess?)and importance are clear. After an almost anti-climactic insurance bomb from Ortiz in the bottom of the frame, we lead 4-2. That would be the final score.
What started out as a taut if slightly uncompelling pitching duel (in the noisy beer-soaked bleachers anyway) ended up becoming one of the most exciting games I have ever seen, and that Crisp catch should be watched over and over. (Johnny who?)
Postscript: With the whole ballpark staying to the very end, leaving was a crowded mess. Meg and I decided to grab a beer at a joint called "Bukowski's" (great name) to wait for the traffic to abate. We walked in and playing on the sound system was Jeff Beck's masterpice "Truth" - in it's entirety! It neatly wrapped up one of the greatest Fenway evenings - out of dozens - i've ever had.
Tom, do you now wish you took that ticket I offered you?

LittleCuz said...

AA-Hole you've earned your nick name this time.....gloating SOB!!! Yes I'm of the best games of the year and I miss most of it due to bowling!!! I got bits and pieces of it, one great stat on Schilling for that game, at the start of the 5th he had thrown only 39 pitches!