Friday, June 23, 2006

"In this corner... Brett Myers!"

Yup, according to, Phillies ace Brett Myers punched his wife and pulled her hair on Boylston St. last night and was promptly arrested, released when his wife posted bail.

Myers is scheduled to pitch tomorrow, facing Schilling. Since Tom, myself, and the women are scheduled to go to that game, is there any doubt that we'll witness the savage Sox fans giving him an earful all game long? He might as well wear a bullseye on his uniform."Myers Arrested"


LittleCuz said...

Make sure you two keep the better halfs back away from the field, they may be in danger. What an idiot, I suspect the fans will let him know just exactly how they feel. Remember when Cordero, I think I got the name right, was playing for the Sox and was arrested on domestic violence charges. Not pretty.......nor should it be!

AA said...

Cordero was the first thing I thought of too. This punk he deserves all of the abuse he gets.