Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bummer about Gammons, huh?

Brain aneurysm - nasty. He's always been my favorite analyst and specifically try to catch his weekly guest spot on Thursdays and Sunday mornings on EEI, not to mention Baseball Tonight. Let's hope for the best. That's one void that couldn't be filled.
Who are your other favorite analysts? I also like Buster Olney a great deal, and HR is always dependable. (Incidentally, Harold has topped Meg's "free pass" list for a couple of years running now. He is a snappy dresser, I suppose...) I'm even warming up to Kruk who continually surprises me with some of his insight, opinionated as he may be.
Locally, Remy is God of course, and DO has come into his own. Still love Joe and Jerry, too. The rest of the NESN crew though... not so much. I find Tom Caron dull and Jim Rice incomprehensible. Only the Eck seems to hold my attention in that crowd. Thoughts?


Zebster said...

Gammons is just a great combo of knowledge, common sense and passion for the game.
I don't see enough of these other shows day to day, so no one really has a chance to knock my socks off, as it were.

LittleCuz said...

I don't really watch ESPN at all unless the Sox are on. From what I've heard of him and about him he was very good. He certainly has the respect of a lot of baseball people. But Remy is my favorite, I know it's a homer pick but he's great. He tells it like it is, he criticizes when it's warranted and praises ONLY when it's earned. He even questions Sox management when they pull something out of left field.