Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yuke, Yuke, Yuke...

It's been a long time since I had a favorite Sox player but this guy plays the game the way I like it played, hard all the time (don't go there), smart all the time, clutch most of the time; an all-around player who gets it done with half the tools of guys who do much less. All praise to Big Papi, which I'll get to in a moment, but without Yuke Papi gets no chance. (Long remember Bernie Carbo)
I've had my superstar favorite players like Yaz (my boyhood idol) and JimEd, but the kind of player who I always preferred to favor were the likes of Rick Miller, Carney Lansford, Rick Burleson or Marty Barrett.
Using a different sport to show this tendency: I own a Bruins sweater. Who knows what player's sweater it is? But I can see if Yuke keeps this up, I may have to break down and spend all that money on a Sox uniform. And it's actually easier to spell than Yastrzemski!

Do you think we can keep this a secret much longer from the other teams...you're probably better off not pitching to Ortiz?

Nine straight wins before we play the Mets.


AA said...

Yeah, how much respect are you commanding when teams are pitching around you to settle for facing Manny, one the biggest RBI machines in the history of the sport? Talk about MVP! Papi's power numbers are still among the ML-wide elite, even though his average is sub-.270 due to the novel shift approach employed by seemingly everyone. Yet he's still getting it done when it counts. He has to be the most feared hitter in the game right now, if not in the past several years. I can't imagine any pitcher not feeling sick to his stomach when he comes up in a tight situation.
I wholehearetdly agree about Youkilis too. Who had any idea he'd be so impressive?
Off on a tangent, can anyone explain what is going on with Vladimir Guerrero? He started off the year with a bang but now he's only hitting in the .280's. Something must be wrong because he's usually dancing around .345 at this point. Just curious if anyone had any insight.

LittleCuz said...

Yuke is awesome, I liked him last year too, he was doing the Merloni shuffle last year and he kept the same work ethic. I loved Merloni too but even he got frustrated with the call up send down roller coaster. Billy Beane knew about Yuke when he was in them the minors, he coined the phrase Greek God of Walks in his book Money Ball I believe.

I can't imagine being an opposing manager in a tied game, looking at Papi at the plate and Manny in the on deck circle. It's like choosing what method you'll die from. Choose hanging or bullet in the head, the result is the same, it's a matter of which one hurts less I guess.

How about the play of Gonzalez though, he's nearing a .270 average and has one error all year!

AA said...

A-Gon. is amazing, no question. And he is definitely warming up at the plate. While we're discussing the infield, let us not forget Lowell and Loretta. I don't think anyone expected Lowell to be hitting .280 - let alone .300 - not to mention his slugging percentage. Loretta started off in a dreadful state but raised his average over .100 points in a month's time. Now he's nearly as dependable as Ortiz in a clutch situation.
The only two "weak" (in a relative sense) links in the line-up of late are Crisp - who still hasn't shaken off the DL cobwebs it seems - and Varitek, who's having a maddeningly streaky year.
As for hillbilly Trot, well, despite his woeful power numbers, he's hitting like it's a contract year or something.

Zebster said...

Sorry, no insight on Vlad the Impaler...I'm out of touch!
Right now I'd take my chances with the bullet (Manny).
No guesses on the Bruins sweater?
One hint and no looking it up. #32 with an A on the front.

LittleCuz said...

OK so this how great a hockey fan, NOT, I am. Zeb I remember you telling me about the "sweater" at the U Maine game we went to see in Portland, and I still don't know.

As for Vlad, it just be the body failing him. He put up incredible numbers late in the year last year and that may be his MO. But I remember there being a lot of talk about his knees, and last I saw him he was still running like a gimp.

TrotRocks said...

Yuke Rocks. Big Bro, he is the heir apparent to Mr. Nixon after he gets trade next year. Yuke...

he plays hard, gets on base, plays several positions, keeps his mouth shut, can hit a dinger every 20 a-bs (didn't verify that stat). OK, os he is ugly as a stump fence... He is simply a great "baseball player". I love Ortiz and feel he is the Man; the Hefe (sp), but Ortiz is not a "baseball player", Yuke is! I know strike me dead. I am happy with both. I like players that can do it all in baseball (and are not pricks), including with the mind. You know, R Wad is amazing and is the best all around baseball player in the game, but he lacks the "mind" component that Yuke has. I am not saying the Yuke is better the A Swab, but being tough minded in baseball counts. Go Sox.