Monday, June 26, 2006

Spoiled Rotten

That is me, spoiled rotten. As mentioned by AA, Me, my SO, and he and his, went to Saturday's gem of a game. Yeah, we were thinking a gem would be had solely due to the fact that we were testing driving standing room seats in the right field roof Bud Seats. Well, it got even better.

First, I for one didn't know Schilling was pitching. Second, the booing of Myers AA mentioned was a treat. From all reports I have heard and read, getting boos should be cake compared to what this MF should be getting....anyway, at times I love how smart and on top if things Sox fans are. They knew he was pitching. However, I did think, after a Sammy or two and a Bud or two, that the chant/boo could be expanded into something like, "If that was your wife at the plate, I bet you could hit her." when attempting brush someone back.

Ok, back to being spoiled..Saturday, we started at Game On, which is a good sport bar, if you ask me. It's at Fenway and owned by the Sox. One of the smarter things that ownership crew has done. Aside from listening to 80's tunes and a terrible remix of a Stones song, EEI was in attendance and the Germany V. Equador? was on the numerous flat screens. Fenway has come along way - owning a sports that has the balls to play soccer the day of the game. The food is great, although the lobster bisque was a mediocre. Yeah yeah, I know, "Sir, please return your Man Card to the front desk." Lobster bisque at a sport bar? Yup I love food, which could be fodder, for another blog.

hmmm,,, after a few Sammys we left and entered the park to Gate C, grabbed another Sammy... (hmmmm lost count)...then climbed the stairs to the Bud Seats. I was smart to grab a Sammy enroute because we were going to be standing in the Bud Seats for 3 to 4 hours and of course, that's all the sell - Bud and the equally "yummy" Bud Light, ugh. ;-)

Our perch was not bad, although we did have to look around a few people. From standing room, you can't see from the middle of right field back to the wall, which sucked because I could see Trot do his thing. We had a great time. The game was great, but around the end of the 7th, My Sweet One, chatted with a friend of hers, who works for one of the radio stations broadcasting at the park, that conversation led to another example of how spoiled rotten we had it. This friend got us into the broadcast box from the 8th inning on!!! Yup, I saw the Kid smoking them and of course saw the Big Man launch the ball to win the game. UNREAL.

From the vantage point, you look down on Varitek and Papelbon. You have no up and down perspective of the pitch, but a great view of left and right over the plate. I was amazed at how far off the plate many of Papelbon's pitches were. I guess when the pitch has as much movement and velocity as he can bring the batter needs to decide to swing well before the pitch goes wide of the plate. One last comment on the experience... when you are in the broadcast booth you can't talk, because your voice will carry onto the broadcast! So, when Papelbon was getting it done, I had to bite my tongue. When Papi hit the homer, I must have looked like a mime with ants in his pants. Good Stuff. Go Sox.


LittleCuz said...

Nice image....mime with ants in his pants....Ok I'll have to agreee with AA comment, totally spoiled.....the broadcast booth?? With Joe and Jerry or Don and Jerry?

Zebster said...

He mentioned to me a voice mail that it was a Spanish feed, I think. So ESPN DeSportes? Bro?

TrotRocks said...

Spanish radio, not sure if it is ESPN. I think it is the one that Remy refers to before each game. "Beunos Noche, Amigos" with Boston accent!:)

TrotRocks said...

The normal Don and Jerry booth is next to the one we were in, Saturday Fox carried the game, so I think dumbass Buck and buddy used it.

I think I pissed in a urinal two stalls down from Joe or Jerry after the game. I recognized the voice, but I wasn't about look up or ask to shake his hand.

See drinking beer has benefits.