Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What are we expecting tonight, Beckett vs. Petey?

First, any update on Peter Gammons' condition?
I suspect Petey will pitch a gem tonight. Will he brush back, come in hard and tight or even hit one of his old pals? I think Beckett's the question mark because he has been somewhat inconsistent, especially in the early innings, though he's been solid of late. But that's one hell of a lineup the Mets have. So probably he gives up a couple in the first and then it's tight from there on out.
The Sox bats have been hot all through the lineup. So that certainly bodes well for getting to Pedro to some degree. We've won 10 straight and will be no big disappointment if they don't win tonight. What I want most out of it is to see Beckett bare down and match Pedro pitch for pitch. I guess it would be fitting to see Ortiz make a difference with a shot off Petey.

I suspect I know the answer to the first part anyway. Anyone give a rat's buttocks about the NBA draft tonight or the Celts in general? Do we want to talk about other sports here, especially during the off season?


AA said...

I think Pedro will be extra fired up tonight based on the circumstances. Beckett? Who knows. If he brings his A game, this will be one of the classic duels of the year.
As for the NBA and basketball in general, blogger decorum prohibits me to express my true feelings about the most tedious and idiotic of all major sports. You all may discuss to your heart's content but because of these "kindler and gentler" limitations, this will probably be the last time I ever mention this particular sport here.
Not to put too fine a point on it.

LittleCuz said...

Oh I thnik tonight is gong to be a tight game, but that all depends on which Beckett shows up tonight. If the Beckett from World Series fame shows up, then it's going to be one hell of a duel.

The game that may be getting over looked that could be a great one is tomorrow nights game, Schilling vs Glavine.

As for B-Ball, couldn't care less to be honest. I haven't watched the sport since Bird retired. Although other sports would be good in the off season, football and hockey for example.

Zebster said...

We'll see what Bro thinks about writing about other sports. AA so far is just against basketball?
I'll keep the Nascar to myself.